We had visitors this week from Forbes.com. Our CEO, Morgan Guenther, was chosen for their technology video series. In the video, Morgan talks about the future of digital publishing.


– Digital publishing will be a $3 to $4 billion industry by 2014.

– Publishers need to transition to digital, but they don’t have to move too quickly – it’s not like the Innovator’s Dilemma where they will disappear overnight. Print still delivers robust returns; 90% of the developed world reads magazines and there are more younger readers today than five years ago. However, the world is going digital, and there’s a huge opportunity to migrate and build an even bigger business.

– Publishers have three incredible assets that will take them into the future: 1) strong brands, 2) high quality, curated, premium content we know people will pay for, 3) a new platform (tablets) that allows them to deliver an unbelievable experience.

Watch the video over on Forbes.com.

Also, check out this little outtake from the Interview – a shameless piece of self promotion…