There you are, flipping through the pages of a magazine, reading up on news and gossip and you see it – your dream car, ring, outfit, perfect body, dream house… Magazines make us dream, don’t they? Did you know creating a vision board with pictures from things you want can help you achieve what you want most in life?

Here’s why:

1. Focus – Looking at pictures and words of the things you want to achieve can help keep your attention on them (especially when you are tempted to stray).

2. Association – Visuals help us make connections in our brain to the things we want most. Creating one can actually help us work out how to achieve the things we most desire.

3. Ideas – Looking at a collage of pictures, flipping through magazines or reading inspiring articles give us ideas about things we want in life (be it a new house, job, living room redesign). This gives us great ideas.

4. Goal Setting – You see it, you do it. It’s that simple. Achievement experts will tell you that having a visual not only keeps you focused on your goal but actually helps you set that goal in your mind.

Happen to be on Pinterest? Get some inspiration for your dreams on our Dream Big board. We’ve pinned quite a few fun things from several of our magazines. You can also post your dream inspiration on our Facebook fan page.