It’s Giants vs. Patriots in the 46th annual “Big Game” this weekend.  If you just learned that by reading this blog post, no worries. We’ve got you covered with some great reads to help you prep for America’s favorite football show:

– First let’s discuss advertising. The Super Bowl is famous for outlandish, funny and over the top ads. This year advertisers seem to be pre-gaming with early releases over the internet. Look for Matthew Broderick’s Honda commercial in People this week. Broderick charms with a modern day Ferris Bueller:



– Be sure to check out the cover of The New Yorker on the Next Issue app. It depicts a clever cross-reference to both the current political game and our football favorites. A controversial cartoon from a controversial cover artist.


– Need help knowing who to root for? 50 Cent tells Entertainment Weekly he will tweet nude pics of himself if the Giants lose the game.

– You may find yourself tweeting back. Time Magazine says people participate in the Super Bowl largely through social media channels these days. Digital CEO Taulbee Jackson will lead the Super Bowl’s first ever social media command center this year.

– Looking for a good primer to the past? Leave it to Sports Illustrated to lay out the last 45 years of the game.

– And last but not least – FOOD! Game day wouldn’t be the same without some good noshing, right? And of course we have quite a few cooking magazines to choose from here. Check out Real Simple’s 10 Easy Party Dips, for starters.

Now that you know the game, who will you be cheering for this Sunday?