Kim’s wedding – on the cover of People Magazine

Kim Kardashian was everywhere in 2011. She had a near year-long feature on any given number of magazines. But according to the latest WWD report, the babe often bombs. Further, all three sisters from the Kardashian clan crash when it comes to magazine sales. So why do we still see them…everywhere?

While they aren’t guaranteed newsstand gold, cover numbers sometimes soar. Kim was Glamour’s bestseller of the year last February. Same with Cosmo (bringing in 1.8 million in sales). But the January 2012 Glamour featuring the sister trio didn’t get past 400,000. Other magazine sales with just Kim were  only slightly above average. Time Inc plunged a sizable six figures into the rights to post Kim’s wedding photos on People magazine, which sold a good 28% higher than average. But after her quickie marriage ended, the recently divorced bride plummeted  in cover sales. However, sister Kourtney’s “Pregnant and Alone” story in InTouch was a relative success. While the sisters three continue to get on cover after cover, it’s a publishing gamble.

Sidenote: Rumor has it the Kardashian sisters are starting their own magazine.