Here at Next Issue we are a bit giddy these days. We have been busy catching up on the re-release of TIME’s May 19, 1980, issue, featuring The Empire Strikes Back, and the original 1977 feature story on Star Wars.

TIME is celebrating that it’s the 35th anniversary of Star Wars’ release, but we have to admit, we celebrate every day.

In addition to reading about Artoo Detoo, his delicate robot friend Threepio, and all the other Star Wars characters, we were fascinated by the advertisements from the good old days. The greatest selling point for a Sears’ type writer apparently was “The Corrector key”, which promised to make “mistakes disappear right before your eyes.” And Datsun promoted the “widest choice of high-mileage wagons.” Oh, those wagons were cool.

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Here’s a sneak peak inside:

May the force be with you!