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If you’re a Stones fan, you’ll want to check out Mick and Keith, The Uneasy Peace. Also in Rolling Stone, we crowned a great interview with Joe Biden as a Next Issue pick this week.

If you like to flip the pages of celebrity gossip magazines, you’ll love the addition of Us Weekly. We put the spotlight on the story of Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s baby-makes-three preparations, see the cute pic below.

Also, if you love to shop, you’re probably a Lucky reader. Check out the fresh, new design just launched this week, along with their What To Wear article featured in our Summer Getaway section.

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Next Issue Picks

The Whole-Hearted Life

O, The Oprah Magazine

A professor of social work, Brene Brown, PhD, studied vulnerability for more than a decade (which led to a witty, soul-baring TED Talk and a best-selling book). Now this sassy Texan talks about why daring to “show up and be seen” is the key to everything we want in life.

Joe Biden - The Rolling Stone Interview

Rolling Stone

The vice president on guns, global warming, and why he’s “the last guy in the room” on every decision Obama makes. Never before have a president and vice president been as close personally and professionally as Obama and Biden. They are partners in governance and basketball-watching.

Drugstore Cowboy


Meet the career con man who made a fortune selling illegal pharmaceuticals online – and pulled off a federal sting that forced Google to pay $500 million. Includes Anatomy of a Sting: The plan that federal agents used to pull off a three-month investigation of Google AdWords.

Ready for Baby!

Us Weekly

With their careers booming and three-year marriage solid, soul mates Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Channing Tatum focus on the impending birth of their first child. See Jenna’s “bump style” throughout her pregnancy and learn how Channing dotes on her.

Summer Getaways

Picnic In Provence

Bon Appétit

Transport the flavors of France to the park or beach with this delicious movable feast. Kick off the meal with olives, soft cheese, saucisson sec, and a baguette. Click any recipe to go to “kitchen mode” and start cooking with the step-by-step instructions.

Your A to Z Guide to a Better Hotel Stay

Travel + Leisure

Want to be the ultimate hotel insider? Or simply land a nicer room? Here’s T+L’s 26 tips on how to maximize your experience, from getting perks and freebies to finding the best room rate and enjoying a great night’s sleep.

Summer Guide: What to Pack


A guide to the chicest essentials to tote along, whether your gearing up for the beach, enjoying a city weekend, or fleeing to a country escape.



These destinations deliver all the ingredients for a magical stay with the kids: pristine ocean water, nature activities, and a boatload of inland fun.

Questions You Didn't Think to Ask

Mission Possible

Successful Farming

Is there a postitive side to drones? They’re a controversial tool in the fight against terrorism, yet drones are an ally in the future of precision agriculture. This interesting article shows how drones make minutes out of farm jobs that used to take hours, if not days.

Equipment Hot List: Circular Logic

Golf Digest

What’s inside a golf ball? It’s varies, actually. And the right ball for you depends on what’s inside. This guide rates 38 balls and reveals what works best for chip-and-run shots along the ground versus high pitch shots and more.

The Art of the Dramatic Hour in Six Parts

New York Magazine

How does a great TV drama series come about? Read this fascinating six-part story and learn how they are pitched, written, cast, designed and directed. Plus, get the scoop on how to bring a beloved serial, Breaking Bad, to an end.

5 Surprising Migraine Cures


Can I convince myself I’m getting Botox for a medical reason? Maybe. 70% of sufferers have a family history of these extreme headaches. Read this story for five cures you may not know about, including Botox. (Scientists aren’t even sure how it works!)

Great One-Page Reads

Exercise Your Beer Know How

Food & Wine

This handy chart rates hops flavor from one (peppery or citrusy) to five (full of “green”) and malt flavor from least to most toasty. While you’re there, check out the fun hops and malt workouts in Train Yourself to be a Better Beer Drinker.

Essay: Beautiful Discovery

Yoga Journal

Janet Wienke lived in her head until yoga finally brought her back to her body. Having struggled with her weight all her life, she “didn’t want a permanent place in the undesirable section of town” until her practice happily forced her presence.

Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake: Inside Their Bromance

Entertainment Weekly

The duo headlining the most buzzed-about tour of the season have so much more in common than Tom Ford suits and hot wives. In their own words, here’s why the two are a perfect match. This tid-bit is just one piece of an issue dedicated to summer music.

What's Going On Below

Popular Mechanics

Around the world, scientific and industrial infrastructure is spreading beneath the waves. Scroll this preview of upcoming audacious projects, from deep-mantle drilling to seismic monitoring.