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Next Issue Picks

The Data Demystifier

Fast Company

Nate Silver, the data guru who in the 2012 presidential election famously predicted the winner of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, sits down with Fast Company over a burger and fries for a fascinating talk about demystifying data.

No. 40: Dear Leader, Dreams of Sushi


What is it like serving Kim Jong-il and his heir? GQ met the Dear Leader’s cook, a Japanese sushi chef who survived all the craziness. Read the funny story (it’s no. 40) in GQ’s annual-ish comedy report celebrating 40 things making us laugh right now.

How to DIY Your Whole Entire Life


A highly usable guide to doing everything better this summer, from toning your body to fixing your phone. Enjoy your bragging rights, DIY-ers – you’ve earned them!

Summer Must List 2013

Entertainment Weekly

Why put up with sand in your bathing suit and burned burgers when you can have superheroes, Rogens, and boozy bluths? Here’s your summer must list including the best movies, TV, music, books and tech picks.

Celebrate Memorial Day

Party Time

Better Homes and Gardens

Isn’t any summer night (or day) worth celebrating? We think so. Here are three gorgeous, idea-packed gatherings you can host at home.

Grilling Now

Food & Wine

Here’s one for the grilling connoisseur. Innovative chefs share their best live-fire recipes (and there’s lots of them), strategies and tricks. Pay attention and you’ll soon be the hero of the next family gathering.

Honk if You're Hungry!

Every Day with Rachel Ray

Celebrate the long weekend with a road trip. Discover America’s tastiest trails and get an edible preview with exclusive regional recipes.

20 Brilliant Summer Skin Tips


The sunshiney season starts now. And with it comes rashes, bumps and bites–and a lot fewer clothes to cover them up. Check out these tips from soothing a sunburn to dealing with pesky skeeters.

Long Reads for the long weekend

Up Front - Lost in Translation


Molly Ringwald, famous for her role in The Breakfast Club, take us on a personal journey back in time to when she was seduced by Paris – and Henri – and where she finally found herself.

Almost Home

Condé Nast Traveler

Born in Zimbabwe, Peter Godwin has returned to Africa time and again as a journalist and author. But he’d never taken his New York City-raised sons with him – until now. The plan? What could be cooler than the great Southern African combo of beach and bush.

The Mystery of Minecraft


There’s no gore or glitz. So why are millions of players addicted to Minecraft? Essentially, the online game is a Disneyland where the attractions are built by visitors. Meet the minds behind the game and get lost in a fantasy world made of pixelated blocks.

Good Reads: The Holladay Girls

Good Housekeeping

When their mother takes off to “find herself”, 12-year-old Bean and her sister embark on their own adventure. From the funny and heartbreaking new novel The Silver Star.

Best Places to Shoot

Popular Photography

The call of the open road – photographers hear it louder than most. Few journeys make for greater and more diverse photo opportunities than those taken by car. Here are six incredible voyages, ranging from day trips to weeks-long experiences.

Welcome to Your Perfect Summer

Field & Stream

43 fishing secrets to help you catch trout, bass, bluegills, cats, walleyes, and more – and have the time of your life – all season long. Plus: how to eat the best fish, camp like a champ, and weather a summer storm.

City of Light

Popular Science

Why would a petro-state erect a solar-powered eco-metropolis in the middle of the Arabian desert? It’s not a mirage, Masdar City in Abu Dhabi is out to change the world.

The Gold of Naples


“A steaming hot pizza arrives, its craggy crust a deep golden brown, puffed and charred in places, its tomato sauce bubbling like lava.” Take a drool inducing trip to the birthplace of the world’s favorite food.

New Issues

Rolling Stone

Teen Vogue