Make a date with your tablet this weekend and settle down with another sprinkling of excellent stories. For all the dads out there: Happy Father’s Day! We’ve got four articles just for you in Good Reads for Father’s Day. We’ve also put together a group of informative summer skin care stories under Your Epidermis is Showing, and Let the Debate Begin includes some timely hot-button issues.

Spotlight: Thanks to a recent redesign, the tablet edition of Cooking Light is now more cook-friendly for in-kitchen use, with pop-up recipe boxes, bigger photos and bigger recipe displays. To try out this brilliant new look, we recommended “Super-Fast: 20-Minute Cooking” in our Next Issue Picks.

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Next Issue Picks

Comparison Test: Hatching a Revolt

Car and Driver

We love this article comparing the new VW GTI to the Ford Focus ST for its quippy metaphors and jargon-free language that make it a fun, easy read for everyone—car fanatic or not. Not to mention the pretty slideshows.

Super-Fast: 20-Minute Cooking

Cooking Light

This is an exceptional exhibition of Cooking Light’s digital redesign, which is now optimized for in-kitchen cooking with your tablet and features handy pop-up recipes and gorgeous photos for mouthwatering meals.

Galliano in the Wilderness

Vanity Fair

In his first interview since the hate-filled tirade that cost him his Dior throne in 2011, designer John Galliano talks about his addictions, his exile, and the friends helping him stitch his life back together.

Make a Must List for Summer

Family Fun

Don’t let the season slip by! Find time for fun with this foolproof plan and inspiring ideas. We like this eclectic collection of new ideas and tried-and-true pastimes.

Good Reads for Father's Day

The Shaman, The Conman, My Father

Men's Journal

Bill Martin was a seeker who meditated with revered lamas, but also slept with congregants of his church and stole their money. Fifteen years after Martin’s death, his son returned to India to finally understand what kind of man he really was.

Small Wonder

Golf World

Spending Father’s Day watching the U.S. Open? This story explores the challenge that Merion’s tiny suburban Philly footprint presented event organizers.

Things My Father Taught Me

Popular Mechanics

From the right way to shine shoes to recognizing that work and play are two sides of the same coin, Dad’s tips stick with you. This great collection of fatherly know-how was compiled by surveying dads from Brad Pitt to a local handyman.

A Thousand Miles of Men


Tom Chiarella asked nearly everyone he met on a long road trip a single question: What is a man? It was only at the end of the journey, at dinner with his son, that he really knew the answer.

Your Epidermis is Showing

Summertime Skin Saviors


We love the sun—but can do without the side effects. Here’s how to tackle some of the season’s annoying issues for dark skin, from heat bumps to hyperpigmentation. Plus, the latest on sun protection.

Confessions of a Freckle Face


Cute, sexy, quirky. Jessica Matlins heard it all about her freckles, and still, she wanted hers off. It took a miracle laser treatment—but 30 years of sun damage were erased in 40 minutes.

The Australian Skin-Care Trend


Attention men: Oz is now exporting a slew of lust-worthy products. Meet your new best mates. (Part of the Details Special Grooming Guide with Editors’ and Readers’ Choices.)

Under Cover

Marie Claire

You know sunscreen’s a must, but what else can you do? Marie Claire asked a platoon of skin-savvy experts—from stylists and designers to dermatologists and nutritionists—how they go beyond the bottle.

Let the Debate Begin

Lean Out


Tired of giving your all at work, even as rewards get smaller and the hours get longer? Maybe it’s finally time to put what you want, not what the job demands, first. This counter to Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” helps you analyze what matters.

The Secret Sharers


Hacktivists Edward Snowden, Aaron Swartz, Bradley Manning. The President calls them a threat to the national security. The Internet calls them heroes. Where do you weigh in?

Must Cats Die So Birds Can Live?

New York Magazine

Feral felines are committing avian genocide! Bird lovers think cat culling is morally justifiable! Read up on one of the most heated human debates over animals yet.

When the Beautiful Game Turns Ugly

ESPN The Magazine

A look at the underbelly of racism in Italian soccer. It’s much nastier than you could have imagined.

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