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This week’s roundup includes some can’t-miss cover stories, fresh ideas for the season, good reads for movie lovers, and a few tidbits that will make you say, “Now, THAT’S good to know.”

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Next Issue Picks

Serena the Great

Rolling Stone

Read the story that sparked controversy earlier this week over Serena Williams’ remarks about the Steubenville rape case. A revealing peek into the 16-time Grand Slam champion’s life.

Frank Hall: A Coach's Courage

Sports Illustrated

We agree with Gary Smith on this one: everyone should know who Frank Hall is—the football coach who faced down a killer in the midst of a school shooting, just nine and a half months before Newton.

Facts of Nature


With the shift to healthier eating has come a wave of conflicting messages telling us to go organic, or take this supplement, or stick to that rigorous diet. This journalist sifts through the jabber and tells it to us straight.

Making a Splash


Probably the coolest chick to ascend the steps to Capitol Hill, Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii is a Hindu, Iraq combat veteran, and avid surfer. And she’s only 32.

It's Official: Summer Has Started

America's Best Beach Boardwalks

Coastal Living

From the honky-tonk hilarity of New York’s Coney Island to skateboarders and sea views in San Diego, these icons are freeways to summer fun.

Make a Splash

Architectural Digest

Great photography of eight enticing pools offers inspiration for summer dreams of the perfect patch of blue. (We definitely recommend flipping to landscape for this one.)

31 Days of Summer Pleasures


The days are luxuriously long. Don’t let a single one go by without a little celebration. Here’s a calendar full of fun stuff to eat, drink, wear, laugh at, and experience.

27 Ways to Look Hot & Feel Cool


Cruel summer? Pfft. With just a handful of simple tricks, you can turn up the heat without breaking a sweat. Includes new uses for salt spray, the art of the urban turban, and more.

For the Love of Movies

The Body Book: Wolverine Workout

Men's Fitness

The body Hugh Jackman displayed as Wolverine in the “X-Men” franchise is iconic. According to Men’s Fitness, the program to get it is simple. Here’s your day-by-day guide.

Science of Blockbusters

Popular Science

How strong can someone get? Will exoskeletons ever fly? Get answers to the most interesting questions behind this summer’s movies, including “Man of Steel” and “Elysium.”

Chasing Ghosts

Entertainment Weekly

Lorraine Warren has spent 60 years chasing ghosts. She hunted for demons in Amityville and investigated the haunting in Connecticut. Now her work has inspired “The Conjuring.”

Why We Love Trailers


Gripping! Mind-blowing! Blood-chilling! The movie preview has become a genre unto itself—and a viral sensation. Here’s what makes these shorts so epic.

THAT'S Good to Know

The Right Playlist: The Secret to Burning More Cals


Load these songs, in this order, on your mix, and you’ll zap 450 calories without working harder. Now that’s some scientific engineering we can get on board with.

Nine Rules for Using Social Media on the Road

Travel + Leisure

How is the new digital landscape changing the way we travel? Writer and social-media expert Amy Chen shares her tips for harnessing the latest tools to maximize social networks.

Grilling 101


Here’s a breakdown of the essential equipment, tips and techniques you need to know to put food to the fire. So fire ’em up—it’s time to get grilling.

O, Happy Day!

O, The Oprah Magazine

Want to feel a little lighter, shine a little brighter, and watch your mood go sky-high? Here’s your delight-filled, glee-inducing guide to filling your days with joy.

New Issues

Bloomberg Businessweek

Popular Mechanics


Eating Well