This week we’re thrilled to announce Consumer Reports and Entrepreneur have been added to our catalog, which is quickly approaching 100 titles. We’ve showcased a couple of great reads from their digital pages in this week’s selection. Add these new magazines to your Unlimited library by tapping the + sign inside the app.

Happy (almost) Fourth of July. We took the liberty of scoping out some of the best articles for the occasion, and we’ve included them in this week’s roundup. Here’s to unlimited fun, food and fireworks.

We’ve also pulled together the latest on not-so-typical business trends and some particularly delectable celebrity news. Chow down.

Happy reading!

Next Issue Picks

The Case for Alien Life

Popular Mechanics

Is life in a galaxy far, far away closer than we thought? Count us among the curious. New studies show that strange creatures may thrive on nearly any of the galaxy’s 100 billion planets or their moons. Also fun to read: How Sci-Fi Movies can Save Humanity.

White Wines: A Lucky 13 Made the Grade

Consumer Reports

In search of good summer sipping, the Consumer Reports expert tasters (anyone else want that job?!) sampled 38 pinot grigios and rieslings to wind up with 13 recommended wines. One is a box from Target.

Workouts Gone Wrong


Even though we’re dedicated to our 5-day-a-week exercise regimen (OK—4, maybe 3), we’re also taking to heart these tips to avoid common training mistakes that could do some real damage to our routine.

The Finish Line


“On the sidewalk beyond the fencing, he sees bodies, maybe ten of them, in a tangled heap. Shattered glass glints on the sidewalk. And there is blood, so much blood…” A compelling read about six Boston Marathon survivors.

Fun, Food & Fireworks

Celebrate America

Better Homes and Gardens

American-made is all the rage from sea to shining sea. Here’s a roundup of our favorite American classics—and a few destined-to-become-classics that we can’t resist.

How to Blow $100 on Fireworks

Men's Journal

Americans will buy more than $600 million worth of backyard pyrotechnics this Fourth of July weekend—here’s where to put your money.

Summer Cookout

Woman's Day

C’mon over for the best burgers, dogs, sides and pie you’ve ever tasted. (And with make-ahead tips and entertaining ideas, it’s a breeze to put together.)

Selling the Fourth of July

Bloomberg Businessweek

Like most American holidays, the Fourth of July is no longer just about time with friends. It’s a crucial moment in an enormous economic machine. And like many American standards, it’s changing.

Business (Not) As Usual

Hit Me


At a gym in San Francisco, stars of the start-up scene are learning, sometimes to their surprise, that they like throwing punches. And taking them.

The Big Squeeze

Condé Nast Traveler

Fares are rising, planes are packed, and flying has never been more of a hassle. But U.S. airlines are turning a profit for the first time in years. See how we ended up with just four major carriers—and little choice.

This One's On Us


A job well done deserves a bit of levity. From old-school to trendy and everything in between, here are the best bars for business in some of the best cities for entrepreneurs.

The Hard Sell at Taco Bell

Fast Company

Inside the years-long experiment—created with a handshake deal—that lead to fast food’s biggest new thing. And it’s stuffed in a Doritos taco shell. Now that’s making us hungry.

Talk of the Town

Paula Deen: What Will She Do Next?


After admitting to having used racist language, Paula Deen is fired from the Food Network. Will she survive the scandal?

First Week Home With Baby

Us Weekly

Kim Kardashian’s biggest shock about motherhood? She’s a natural! Inside her life with Kanye West and North.

Heir Apparent


Why William and Kate’s firstborn, due in mid-July, is already a figure of global influence. How many relatives bump back a place in the line for the throne?

Salma Hayek: She's Only Just Begun


At almost 47, Salma Hayek has done pretty much everything she set out to do. But on one crazy night in California, she admits she is at a crossroads and still finding her way—and herself.

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