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For the post-July-Fourth recovery, here are some hand-picked #WeekendReads for you to settle down with. This week the collection includes health-benefitting reads, ideas for summer escapes (no passport necessary), and something for the whole family (best enjoyed with the kids crowded around).

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

50 States, 50 Ice Cream Treats

Food Network Magazine

It’s July and that means we’ve got only one thing on our minds (besides magazines): ice cream. Food Network Magazine was nice enough to provide a delicious list (with photos to match) of the best frozen desserts in every state so you can have one no matter where you are.

40 Minutes in Benghazi

Vanity Fair

We recommend carving out some time and finding a quite spot for this long, engaging read. Here’s the minute-by-minute account of the battle to save Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, whose death in Libya last September touched off a political storm.

Beach Reads Just For You


The long, lazy days of summer were made for curling up with a great story—here are 13. Tap any cover to dive into the juicy excerpts and when one gets you hooked, click to buy. How convenient is that?

Good Connections


No matter where we’re headed this summer, we’ll probably want to stay connected (at least some of the time). These tips and tools from ShopSmart will help us stay on top of things.

For Kids (and The Parents)

Kids In Sports

ESPN The Magazine

There’s nothing better—or worse—than being a kid playing sports. It’s a messy, joyful, booming business. This entire section is bursting with stories, features, fun facts and stats about all things kids-in-sports.

Prodigies: High School Haute Cuisine

New York Magazine

This fall, Fox will debut “Junior MasterChef,” which pits 8-to-13-year-olds against one another in a series of escalating cook-offs. But these teenagers are already way ahead of the game.

10 Best Towns For Families

Family Circle

Less crowding, concrete and stress; more serenity, nature and neighbors you can count on—that’s why Family Circle singled out these communities as perfect places to call home.



Take a sneak peek at the newest and coolest games, movies, music, apps, events and more in our interactive space created just for you—and your child.

No-Passport-Required Escapes

One-Night Wonders


Make the most of your precious weekend freedom. From sea to shining sea, these 15 hikes deliver epic to all types of time-crunched hikers.

History Happened Here

Country Living

Plan a pilgrimage to one of these seven destinations, each of which witnessed a landmark moment in American culture (like where Stephen King dreamed up “The Shining”).

Thrill Rides Powered By You!

Every Day With Rachael Ray

Meet 10 blood-pumping vacations that come with major bragging rights. And to help you choose your own adventure, each is rated on an OMG scale from 1 (mild) to 5 (maybe skip breakfast).

2013 Summer in the South

Southern Living

This ultimate insider guide to 10 of the biggest cities in the South covers everything from the best places to eat, shop and cool off, to the hottest events and Southern-bred songs. Tap the links for each city guide, print and go.

Here's to Your Health

Why It Feels So Good... To Be Just a Little Bit Bad

Good Housekeeping

Behaving badly, at least once in a while, can ease stress, put a smile on your face and make your heart beat faster. Try it, and experience the uplifting rewards.

A Spoonful of Summer

Eating Well

Imagine all the goodness of summer’s freshest vegetables and herbs blended in a refreshing, chilled soup. It’s gazpacho season, so get chopping!

Foods That Age-Proof Your Brain


If you’re hoping to keep your wits about you for a long, long time, have supper early, make your own salad dressing, sprinkle seeds on your cereal and follow these nine other strategies.

Farmer's Market Beauty

Vegetarian Times

Treat yourself to homemade skin and hair goodies featuring fresh-grown ingredients and you’ll access nature’s most vibrant beauty boosters—while steering clear of synthetic chemicals, preservatives and excess packaging.

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