For the last three back-to-back(-to-back) issues, these gentlemen—deemed “The Most Famous Men in the World”—have graced the covers of Esquire. Messrs Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon were all interviewed by Tom Junod and photographed by Max Vadukul for The Fame Trilogy, a tidy, well-branded package of compelling writing and striking photos that effortlessly spans the May to August issues.

What Junod has revealed is an unmistakable connecting thread between these three men, these larger-than-life behemoths of unparalleled acting and ridiculously good looks, who effectively have the entire world at their disposal. He shows that despite their celebrity superhero status, they’re remarkably human. They want what the rest of us mere mortals want: happiness.

Below are links to the full image series of the cover boys (with shots not seen in the magazines). You can read all three stories on the Next Issue app.

Hooray for back issues.

Esquire | May, June/July, August.

 Leonardo Dicaprio | Click here for the full slideshow 


Brad Pitt | Click here for the full slideshow

Matt Damon | Click here for the full slideshow