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Next Issue Picks

The End of the Suburbs


This writer challenges the paradigm that suburbia is the ultimate American dream. And we love paradigm shifts.

Esquire Fiction: Nirvana


From the winner of the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for fiction, Adam Johnson, comes a tale of a man and his disabled wife in a future of drones, self-driving cars, and holographic images of a dead president. Are we all alone, or can Kurt Cobain save us all?

Buddy Trip

Field & Stream

For fishermen, adventurers and story-lovers alike. The author and the artist—colleagues and longtime pals—set out on a trout fishing adventure in the Wyoming wilderness. But an episode of true and honest fear changed everything.

Comic-Con 2013

Entertainment Weekly

We’re geeking out for the annual nerdfest known as Comic-Con that hits San Diego July 18-21. Here’s a preview of the coolest entries. Flip through the four different covers of this issue, then tap Movies, TV, or Comics to go directly to that section.


The Bodies We Want

ESPN The Magazine

ESPN’s fifth annual ode to exceptional athletic form includes Courtney Force, John Wall, Colin Kaepernick, Tarah Gieger and many, many more beautiful (naked) people.

American Splendor

Harper's BAZAAR

Blush-colored elegance stands out against the dramatic Southwest landscape. Photos by Terry Richardson feature model Candice Swanepoel.

The Freshest Five

Cooking Light

Easy recipes for August’s sweetest, most delicious market and garden produce. With photography so beautiful, you’ll want to get cooking now.



We can’t get enough of powerful, provocative, striking, stunning photography. Fortunately, TIME gives us exactly that in every issue. Check out LightBox for the 10 best pictures of the week.

Older, Wiser, Better, Stronger

Live Long and Prosper

Real Simple

It is absolutely possibly to get better with age. Just listen to the experts—and some spry centenarians.

Improves With Age

Bon Appétit

Twenty-seven days ago, a 34-pound strip loin of beef went into a climate-controlled dry-aging room. 650 hours later, a visionary chef will slice away its moldy exterior to yield the most amazing $50 strip steak you’ll ever eat.

Grand Reinvention

Architectural Digest

After falling under the spell of a neglected 1930s limestone château in Houston, a Francophile couple carefully restored the historic house while adding all the best amenities of contemporary life. (Pretty pictures galore!)

An Outlaw Looks at 50

Rolling Stone

“I’m kicking 50 right up the ass.” Johnny Depp: Single, sober and still wondering what it’s all about.

Atypical Interviews

Where Are They Now: The Sandlot

Sports Illustrated

Twenty years ago nine kids took to a makeshift diamond to tell a story about our game circa 1962 and ourselves. If you haven’t yearned for “The Sandlot’s” wisdom and humor ever since, well, you’re killing us!

When Giants Fall

The New Yorker

Clayton Christensen’s book “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” inspired the likes of Andy Grove and Steve Jobs. Here’s the fascinating story about a scrappy Mormon who put the word “disruption” in every CEO’s playbook.

Hal Sutton: Ready, Aim, Fire!

Golf Magazine

In this explosive interview, former PGA champion Hal Sutton takes on the governing bodies, the equipment companies, the media, his own demons, and why Tiger and Phil have “failed us” at the Ryder Cup.

Into Her Own


“Olivia just has it all. It’s like she’s the most gorgeous Costco you’ve ever seen in your life,” says Olivia Wilde’s fiancé, Jason Sudeikis. InStyle double-dips with interviews from both love birds in this month’s issue.

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