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This week we’re reading about creative innovations, from 3-D-printed body parts to inventive ways to eat your vegetables. We also have some first-hand narratives that really draw you in, and a few things just for our niche readers (home-improvers and woodworkers, we’re talking to you).

Hunker down, tap in, and soak it all up.

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Next Issue Picks

Killer Japanese Robots

PC Magazine

These robots don’t transform into airplanes, but they just may transform how you live and work. Check out these Japanese creations that range from the useful to the bizarre. Includes bonus videos.

World's Best Awards

Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure spotlights the year’s top hotels, resorts, cities, islands, cruises, airlines, and more. (Is there anything they didn’t review?)

Special Report: Overwhelmed and Undertrained

Road & Truck

Parents read up: Few drivers are as deadly as the teenager. Thousands die in car accidents every year and our license exams are decades out of date. But there’s no uproar. Why don’t we care?

TV's Transformative Moment


“Orange Is the New Black,” is the latest Netflix original to buck trends. For the first time in TV history, a transgender character (portrayed by a black transgender woman), is at the forefront of a show. Here’s Laverne Cox’s fascinating can-do story.

Innovation Sensation

The Body Shop

Popular Science

3-D printers have transformed manufacturing. Now they’re poised to revolutionize medicine. Read how the machines we’ve built are building bits and pieces of us.

The WOW List

O, The Oprah Magazine

It’s the word we use when no other will do: Wow! And it’s written all over these 50 genius inventions, exquisite works of art, delightful discoveries, stirring bits of wisdom, really cool technologies, and miraculous molten chocolate cakes.



Barely out of his teens, Zhao Bowen is leading a multimillion-dollar research effort to solve a genetic mystery: What makes people like him so smart? And how can we make more of them?

Vegetables Now

Food Network Magazine

Innovative cooks are finding more inspiration in a giant head of cauliflower than they are in a hunk of meat. Explore the state of vegetable-centric eating, with recipes from culinary stars, new books on veggies, and the country’s best vegetarian restaurants.

Narratives: In Their Own Words

How We Did It


Hitting $912 million (while saying no to investors). Selling for $1 billion (to a guy named Zuckerberg). Laying off a third of the team (and learning to live with it). Fourteen entrepreneurs on triumphs, heartbreak, and tough choices.

Essay: Bad Boyfriend, Better Husband

Men's Journal

“When I started dating again, after three lonely years as a widower, I learned that I did not know much about how to be a boyfriend. Let me rephrase that. I knew nothing about how to be a boyfriend.”

Addiction Nation


“In a world where the treatment of addiction has gotten increasingly complex, the drumbeat of criticism against our current models has been growing louder.”

The Hard Choice No One Understands


“I woke up in pain, a white hospital sheet covering my legs. I pulled back the sheet and I saw it: The lower half of my left leg was gone. I heaved a shaky sigh of relief.”

Pretty Nichey

The Blur Method

Popular Photography

Nature is perpetual motion. The earth’s boundless kinetic energy is the only constant that nature shooters can depend on. And the best way to photograph it? Long exposures.

Classic Tailgate Game Boards


Beanbag game boards: For tailgating or backyard contests, get ready for a “hole” lot of fun. With two playing boards that latch together and a carrying handle, carting this game to the party is as easy as building it.

12 Strategies For Making the Most of Any Small Space

House Beautiful

Whether you live in the quintessential studio apartment or want to get more out of a small room or tiny nook in your house—let House Beautiful’s guide inspire you to make magic.

Growing Lavender

Living the Country Life

Kevin Fuson works his curved knife through a sea of color, grabbing a fist full of willowy stalks and coming up with a handful of purple. He has a long way to go to the end of the row, but he doesn’t mind. He’s on a lavender crusade.

New Issues

All You

Bloomberg Businessweek

Entertainment Weekly