Did you miss all the superhuman, super-awesome, super-costumed action in San Diego last week? Sadly, we did, too. But you can still indulge your inner geek with this comprehensive roundup of Comic-Con 2013, from stories and special issues in the Next Issue app to on-the-spot insider photos, videos and more on the web.

Pull out your tablet for the “Comic-Con Extra 2013” digital July issue of Entertainment Weekly, a guide dedicated to the most anticipated (or not-so-anticipated) movies, TV shows, comics and panels at the event. This is a particularly good source for trailers and previews.

Then refer to Entertainment Weekly‘s lowdown on the post-Con buzz to see which movies and TV shows received a collective nerdy nod of approval (rhymes with “mavengers”), or suffered a sound KER-SPLONK of apathy (cough, Kick-Ass 2, cough). Their full coverage really makes it feel likes you were there, especially this gem of a photo gallery: “Extraordinary Heroes… Do Ordinary Things.”

Wired really nerded-out in its digital issue with “Super-Graphic,” an impressive infographic series of superheroes and villains, from the color of costumes (below), to pie charts of powers, and bar graphs of win-loss-tie ratios. Lots of buttons to tap makes it interactive AND informative. KA-POW!

Wired also pulled together extensive day-by-day coverage with an eclectic mix of (pretty hilarious) snapshots, videos, interviews, (really hilarious) quotes and inside-scoops on their live blog. The raw, non-glamorized, rushed-but-excited feel of it really underscores this other-worldly universe Comic-Con is so apt at revealing.

Here’s a video of Wired Senior Editor Peter Rubin and Special Correspondent Cara Santa Maria relaying the action of day one.

Mark your calendars for Comic-Con 2014 in San Diego, July 24-27. (And good luck getting tickets.) P.S. If you don’t have Next Issue already, try it free for 30 days. Available for iPad, Android tablets and Windows 8 tablets and PCs.