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Here are 16 excellent picks to get you started. From the royal baby, BLTs and home decor to cars, Brooklyn and real estate, you’re guaranteed to find a story (or two… or seven… or… etc., etc.) to suit your fancy.

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Next Issue Picks

Royal Baby Joy


Everything you could want to know surrounding the royal baby: photos, a digital bonus “guess the royal baby” game, Kate’s baby bump timeline, the royal christening, royal family member profiles, William and Kate’s love story, and a royal baby gift guide.

The Bosshole Truth (And Nothing But the Truth)


It started as a $15,000 experiment. In the end Entrepreneur would spend $131,000 to make “Bosshole” a reality. Here’s the cautionary tale of a magazine trying to build their own iPhone game. Fun and painful reading guaranteed.

The Serial Killer Has Second Thoughts


Anyone remember Thomas Quick from Sweden? Eight-time convicted murderer, with a resume of stabbing, strangling, rape, incest, and cannibalism? He’s been silent for almost a decade, but now he has something new to confess. And maybe he’s not so bad after all.


Better Homes and Gardens

We’re salivating just looking at these seven new ways to stack, toss, or stir up BLTs with a twist. Crispy bacon + cool lettuce + juicy tomatoes = summer’s best combo (scientifically proven formula).

To All Our Home-ies

2013 Idea House

Southern Living

Southern Living handpicked an all-star team to design, build, and decorate the ultimate Southern farmhouse on the grounds of Fontanel, former home of country legend Barbara Mandrell. Tablet bonus: 20 additional photos to bring Idea House to life.

My Super Fun Neighborhood


FamilyFun readers were asked to share the creative ways they celebrate and strengthen their communities. Here are their very best ideas, from glow-in-the-dark parties to backyard bonfires and campouts.

The Long View

Elle Décor

For designer Kelly Behun, creating a weekend house in Long Island for her family was no small matter. The result is a stunning series of glass-and-stone pavilions by the sea that mixes the austere with the playful.

Stone, Water, Wood

Traditional Home

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately,” Henry David Thoreau once wrote. Columbia-born interior designer Juan Montoya went to the woods for the same reason. At his refuge, what’s important is what’s left out.

Better In Digital*

Best of the Borough


Is Brooklyn the new Paris? See for yourself with Vogue’s guide to where to eat, shop and play. Complete with an interactive map of Brooklyn that pinpoints the location and details for each spot. Very cool.

Starters: The Chill Zone

Bon Appétit

Just take a few ingredients, an inexpensive ice cream maker, and 10 minutes of hands-on time, and you can pretty much achieve superhero status. The animation in this piece looks as delicious as the ice cream surely tastes.

Summer Whites


Throw up the flag and surrender! Worn on eyes, nails, and in hair, this usually quiet shade gets loud. Tap, swipe and shop your way through these beautiful, bright photos. (Purchase right from the app.)

The Tech 50

Car and Driver

Presenting Car and Driver’s list of the cars, people, and ideas that will fundamentally alter your relationship with the road. An edgy, highly interactive list that showcases just how dynamic your tablet reading experience can be.

Money Magic

Worker, Heal Thyself


With the price of health care rising, your boss is shifting more of the burden on to you. Here’s how to handle it.

Your Ultimate Grocery Game Plan

All You

Bag the best grocery deals. Plot out exactly where to go to get a winning price on everything you need.

Real Estate Rules

Bloomberg Markets

Investors seeking higher returns than they can earn in stocks and bonds have hit pay dirt in property, commodities, art and vintage cars.

Pay Off Your Debt—Then Party!


If you want to reach a money goal faster, plan how you’ll celebrate once you get there. Success is gonna be sweet.

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