Only a few days old and he’s received more front-page coverage than Obama’s second inauguration. And he’s not even American. Hop into the app and check out some of the latest magazine coverage of Georgia Alexander Louis—or His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, if you’re feeling fancy.

Us Weekly gives an account of the royal baby’s first day, what’s coming up in the next couple weeks for the newborn (official portrait forthcoming), and a view of who’s in line for the throne. (“It’s a Boy!”)

Time ruminates on something that much of the hype has glossed over: “for the first time in many centuries, the future King of England and Defender of the Faith had emerged from a mother who is without a drop of peerage blood.” (“The Half-Blood Prince”)

For a glimpse at what George’s 22nd-century rule might look like, swipe over to Newsweek‘s article. (“The Once and Future King”)

And check out Bloomberg Businessweek‘s thoughts on the imminently booming bugaboo business, that will invariably occur the moment the future king takes his first stroller ride through town. (“Why His Royal Highness Has Stroller Makers On the Edge of Their Seats”)

Of course, we can’t forget People‘s extensive feature on everything else you could possibly want to know surrounding the royal baby: photos, a digital bonus “guess the royal baby” game, Kate’s baby bump timeline, the royal christening, royal family member profiles, William and Kate’s love story, and a royal baby gift guide. (“Royal Baby Joy”)

On the more serious side—like why Americans care so much about the British monarchy anyway—see these articles from The New Yorker: “Notes from a Royal-Baby Skeptic,” “The New Prince’s Burdens,” “The Royal Baby: Why Does America Give a Hoot?

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