It’s already August. And while some may consider that a sobering fact (back to school, only a few more weeks of summer), we like to think of August as a chance to make the second half of summer really count. All that stuff you said you were going to do this summer – well, you’ve still got plenty of time. Especially to read magazines.

So, pull out your tablet, open up the app, and let these hand-picked stories consume you. It only takes a moment to get lost in a world of stories. Then you can check it off your summer bucket list.

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

David Geffen Unplugged


In an exclusive interview, the Hollywood mogul opens up about music, money, art, fame, philanthropy, adversaries, and more. He says he became an agent because it didn’t require any special skills, but any self-made man worth billions is clearly skilled.

How To Raise An Optimist

Real Simple

It’s not just about a sunny disposition. Positive thinking helps kids weather life’s storms. Happily, the experts are here to brighten your child’s outlook with some genuine and useful advice. And maybe you’ll learn something from it too.

The Poorest Rich Kids in the World

Rolling Stone

The Inman twins were globe-trotting trust-fund babies who owned a pet lion cub and considered it normal to bring loose diamonds for show and tell. They also spent their childhoods inhaling freebase fumes, locked in cellars and deadbolted into their bedrooms at night.

The Transformer

W Magazine

Kanye West has limitless ambition. “You know how they say, ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’? I want to be master of all. And not even to be a jack but a king. In fact, not even a king. An ace.” Get inside the mind of the man who would be God.

Food Finds

Russian Food: A Love Story

Food & Wine

To celebrate her new book, “Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking: A Memoir of Food and Longing,” Anya von Bremzen reinvents the dishes she loved too much to leave behind when she came to America. Borschtpacho, buckwheat blini, salmon tartare and more.

Saluting the Kernel

Food Network Magazine

In Marion, Ohio, popcorn isn’t just a movie snack: It’s a way of life. At its annual popcorn festival (the largest in the world), the most exciting part is always the popcorn-themed cooking contest. Here are some recipes from last year’s champs.

Bountiful Prairie


Wheat and corn and incomparable beef, wild berries baked into the most luscious desserts, crisp summer salads, and the best fried chicken and chili imaginable—the southern Great Plains is a fantastic place to eat. Saveur visits three states at the center of America’s delicious heartland.

20 Reasons to Embrace Your Inner Italian

Every Day with Rachael Ray

Take your passion for all things Italian to the next level. Stuff a cannoli, book a bargain trip to Italy, make your own espresso, and a whole lot more. Here are a raft of reasons to cook, eat, and live like an Italian.

Stirring Up Controversy

The U.S. Economy: Two Sides


Two back-to-back articles, two sides of the coin. First, “Why the Economy Could Pop” by Roger Altman. Then, “But Wait! It’s Still a Wimpy Recovery,” by Rana Foroohar.

The Last Days of A-Rod

Sports Illustrated

As Alex Rodriguez prepares for yet another humiliation, this one possibly a career-ender, it’s worth remembering him as the greatest prospect any scout had ever seen. So, how could he be so… dumb?

Daughters of Texas

The New Yorker

Despite serious legislative reversals, Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, is emboldened by Senator Wendy Davis’ historic 11-hour filibuster against abortion restrictions, and soaring national support.

When Liberian Child Soldiers Grow Up


A generation of girls fought in Liberia’s brutal wars. What they tell their own children about the past will inform the country’s future.

Fall For Fashion

The Fall Guide to Shoes & Boots


Over-the-knee boots, pointy-toe pumps, platform sandals and more. Tap to buy what you like.

In His Element

Architectural Digest

As Ralph Lauren celebrates the 30th anniversary of his groundbreaking home collection, the legendary designer reveals the inspiration for his stylish empire.

Fall Fashion! Go.


Pages of shopping and ideas for the wardrobe obsessed: trends, shoes, bags, jackets, Fashion Week, Giorgio Armani and more. Plus, shop everything you see on the last page.

The New Sexy

Cosmopolitan for Latinas

Tight-fitting bodycon is out. It’s all about the mix of sexy sheers and cozy knits that’ll show off your curvas in an unexpected way.

New Issues

Country Living

Bloomberg Businessweek

Us Weekly