We love lists. Lists are fun, informative, powerful, and best of all, can be read quickly. We also love long reads—getting swooped up by a compelling story and really digging in. So, whatever your mood this weekend, we’ve got something just for you.

Who’s ready for back to school? Whether you’re panicking, stressing, worrying or relieved, below you’ll find some apt stories to get you and your school-bound offspring suited for the task.

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

O's Hair Extravaganza!

O, The Oprah Magazine

“Pay attention to your hair. Because everyone else will.” Well said, Hillary Clinton. Women of all ages, step right up for O’s awe-inspiring, thoughtfully inquiring, texture-taming, curl-twirling, one-and-only ultimate hair extravaganza.

One Woman's Mission

Bloomberg Markets

Most inspiring story of the week. Audette Exel, who has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for Wall Street asset managers, is giving all of her own company’s earnings away to the poorest children in Nepal and Uganda.

The West's Best (Unsung) BBQ Town


In and around Santa Maria, California, succulent oak-grilled barbecue is a way of life. So why isn’t it better known? Find out more and savor some juicy BBQ recipes. (We’re planning a road trip already.)

Backyard Genius 2013

Popular Mechanics

The 8th annual celebration of the best in gonzo engineering, featuring Alpha Leg (a 6-foot-tall, 2,860-pound, high-jumping mech robot), a printed roadster, an electric longboard and five other wildly creative inventions from supersmart people.

We Love Lists

The Best View in Every State


Outdoor experts nationwide weighed in on the sweetest backcountry vista in their corner of the union. The result? Fifty unforgettable views and a Top 10 list that will fill memory cards around many a campfire.

New Cars for 2014

Car and Driver

The report on the state of autodom, c. 2014, starts here. Details of each brand’s 2014 lineup, followed by more in-depth features on some of the sexiest upcoming models.

Your Safer-Surgery Survival Guide

Consumer Reports

Consumer Report’s ratings of 2,463 U.S. hospitals can help you find the right one. Includes: Hospitals that make the grade, six steps to safer surgery, and surgery ratings.

The ABCs of DIY Decorating

HGTV Magazine

Look around an Ohio house filled with creative, low-cost design moves. We count 26—one for each letter of the alphabet.

We Also Love Long Reads

Nuke the Cat!

New York Magazine

Star script doctor Damon Lindelof, screenwriter-producer of some of Hollywood’s biggest movies like “World War Z” and “Star Trek Into Darkness,” explains the new rules of blockbuster screenwriting.

America's Cup: The Edge of the Wind

Men's Journal

The world’s most storied yacht race is all about carbon-fiber wings and white-knuckle speed—not Top-Siders and blue blazers. Inside the most intensely trained, elite team of sailors, who are risking their lives in the sport’s most dangerous race.

Goldman's Geek Tragedy

Vanity Fair

Accused by Goldman Sachs of stealing computer code, ace programmer Sergey Aleynikov was sentenced to eight years in prison. No one—including the F.B.I., which arrested him, and the jury that convicted him—really understood what he’d done. But he must have been guilty, right?

Fiction: Labor Day

Good Housekeeping

With her husband finally home from the war, Marie undergoes her own trial by fire. This excerpt from the gripping new novel by National Book Award winner Alice McDermott starts with the day Marie’s baby was born.

In the Swing and Back to School

Back to School With Style


Polka dots, stripes, textures, patterns, ’80s twists, British flares, and more. Fall’s fun clothing trends are easy for kids to mix and match for their own unique look.

Under Pressure

Family Circle

Between climbing social ladders, dealing with school deadlines and managing family tension, your kid may be more distressed than the jeans she’s begging you to buy her. Some simple ways you can bring serenity back to your child’s life.

Brando in a Blue Blazer

Town & Country

For one reluctant pupil, the character-building experience of boarding school in the era of conformity wasn’t always the stuff of sweet nostalgia. He survived—barely—to tell his tale.

7 Things Financial Aid Experts Want You to Know

Woman's Day

A super handy cheat sheet on getting your incoming freshman the best financial aid, from application tips to FAFSA and government loan ideas. Example: Did you know passing CLEP exams can add up to a free year of credits?

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