With summer slowly slipping through our fingers, these next few precious weekends beg for some quality down time with your tablet. Stretched out on a blanket at the park or snuggled up on the couch at home, relax, unwind (see Details‘ Fall Cocktails story if you need assistance with this part), and let these stories pull you in. It’s (digital) magazine time.

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Next Issue Picks

Awesome Labs

Popular Science

Thinking about a science degree? Consider a lab where research meets white-knuckled adventure. Our favorite job descriptions: detonating high explosives, building Mars rovers, and discovering dinosaurs.

How I Fled a Life of Polygamy

Marie Claire

A fascinating read about a 19-year-old woman who married an 85-year-old Prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Seven years later, when told she must remarry, she instead ran away from her sheltered life and into the real world.

College Football Preview 2013

ESPN The Magazine

Will Johnny snap? Can Clowney deliver again? Can Saban be stopped? Let’s kick off already. Catch up on all things college football before the season hits (including the drama you may have missed).

No, You're Not Imagining It


Even when dressed similarly and carrying equal resumes, a White male with a known criminal record is more likely to get a call-back than an African-American with a clean record. The subtle and often subconscious racial bias that permeates our society told by a Harvard professor.

Keep Calm and Read On

21 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Health

Yoga Journal

Experts are uncovering fascinating evidence of how yoga practice affects us mentally and physically and may help to prevent and assist in the treatment of a number of the most common ailments that jeopardize our vitality and shorten our lives.

A Guide to Chilling the F**k Out


Everyone is so mindful these days. Doing meditation, having “alone time.” Sounds like glorified napping. Until you discover that a few minutes of meditation a day can lower blood pressure, combat autoimmune diseases, and even make you a nicer person. No joke.

Find Your Backbone


Nicole Marquez fell six stories, nearly died, but didn’t let the disaster keep her from dancing. Learn from experts how you too can harness your grit and resilience to overcome change, stress, and hardship.

Go Ahead, Blow It Off

Ladies' Home Journal

Don’t be so hard on yourself about your less-than-perfect health habits. Here are six rules you can feel okay about breaking. (Guess you don’t really need to eat breakfast every morning after all.)

What's Trending

That '70s Show


The go-to decade for theme parties had a major revival on fall runways. This season, it’s totally hot to rock these iconic hair and makeup looks. So choose your style groove and get down tonight. Plus: videos and shoppable looks.

Fall Movie Preview

Entertainment Weekly

To borrow a phrase from anchorman Ron Burgundy, Hollywood gets classy in September and stays classy until Christmas. This year Tom Hanks battles Somali pirates and Julia Roberts battles Meryl Streep. Here’s your guide to an awesome autumn.

Build Your Own Fitness Trend

Men's Fitness

All of today’s fitness crazes have something to offer. This is the guide to what’s out there in fitness and how you can use it to create your own ultimate, all-inclusive workout program. Think P90X, mud runs, HIIT, Tabata, and SoulCycle. We’re in!

Showhouses: Orange Crush

Traditional Home

In citrus, salmon, or toasty like autumn leaves, orange turns heads. See this gorgeous showhouse that gets a pop from the autumn color we’re crushing on.

Liquid News

Fall Cocktails: 5 Drink Trends to Know


The season’s coolest cocktail trends—from refined milk punch to must-try imported liqueurs. The question of what to order is becoming more challenging than ever. Here’s everything you need to know to imbibe right now.

BA Storytellers: The World's Best Last Dive Bar

Bon Appétit

It’s the kind of joint where Beats got bounced, Bono belted opera, and a certain actor may or may not have blown a hole in the wall to get a certain musician to stop playing. Tosca Cafe’s most notable patrons share their after-hours tales about this San Francisco staple.

The Spirit of America

Country Living

Step aside Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, and Wild Turkey and make room for America’s new batch of favorite whiskeys from the Midwest. Here’s serious proof that great bourbon hails from beyond Kentucky.

Juicing Up School Lunch

Fast Company

Jamba Juice wanted to get its drinks into cafeterias. But selling smoothies to kids (and convincing parents) is complicated. JambaGo, a frozen-beverage dispenser, had to overcome four challenges on its way to the plastic lunch tray.

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Rolling Stone

Cooking Light