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As for the rest of this roundup, you’ll find some super-cool gadgets, pioneers you need to know about, and inspiring makeover projects we think you should try.

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Next Issue Picks

Fall Music Preview

Rolling Stone

Whether you stream, download or buy good ol’ fashioned CDs (or vinyl if you’re hardcore), here’s the ultimate guide to the 40 biggest records you should be listening to this fall.

Enemy Inside the Wire


One year ago, 15 Taliban snuck onto Camp Bastion in Afghanistan and a bloody confrontation ensued, resulting in casualties and hundreds of millions in matériel lost. Here’s the heart-pounding and extraordinary account.

Get 360-Degree Sexy


An excellent exhibition of what Shape does best—give you killer workouts. This 16-minute, ultra-focused routine will have you looking amazing from every angle.

The Big Test: Sport Sedans

Motor Trend

Five luxury four-doors put to the ultimate test. Which of them will set your hair on fire the fastest as you whip down a canyon road? Read on to find out. (Even non-car fanatics will get a kick out of this cleverly written piece.)

Geeking Out With Gadgets

New Rules for School

PC Magazine

Getting the tech you need is a huge part of going back to school. These top picks for laptops and tablets, everyday gear, apps and more will help you make the most of your time in class and out—regardless of budget or course of study.

Tech: Best New Portable Speakers

Travel + Leisure

Go ahead, crank up the volume: These compact, Bluetooth-enabled gadgets make it more fun than ever to rock out on the road.

The Year's Biggest Deals

Popular Photography

Everybody loves a bargain, but photographers in particular thrill at the prospect of great gear for less. In this annual roundup you’ll find top value equipment, whether you’re shopping for travel shooting, everyday use, or studio work.

Like Magic


Within the next five years, we’ll be surrounded by embedded devices and services. Wristbands that know how many steps you take. TVs that know who’s watching. Apps that know exactly where you are. Dystopia or Utopia?

Leaders & Groundbreakers

Hail to the Chief


As she works to reverse the fortunes of a failing Silicon Valley giant, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer has fueled a national debate about office life, motherhood, and what it takes to be the CEO of the moment.

(Brew)Master of the Universe


Meet Carlos Brito, CEO of AB InBev, the world’s largest beermaker. Brito embodies the cutthroat spirit that has kept the company on top through mergers and cost cutting. But there are challenges ahead, as the flagship Budweiser continues to lose market share. Here’s his plan.

The Visionaries

Condé Nast Traveler

Travel can be romantic and joyful and inspiring. It can also remind us that our world is as fragile as it is extraordinary. Condé Nast Traveler honors individuals that make our planet a more just, healthy, and peaceful place.

Bright Young Things


The annual Young Millionaires feature profiles entrepreneurs who achieved big things and scored major paychecks at a very young age. But what’s perhaps even more extraordinary is this: They’re just getting started.

Refreshing Makeovers

Colorful Story

This Old House

While putting the final touches on a seven-year redo, This Old House’s editor learns to see paint choices—and domestic harmony—in a new light. With tablet-exclusive “before” pictures, too.

Blondies Made Better

Cooking Light

A shortie, but a goodie: Half the calories, 100% whole grain, and full of buttery brown sugar goodness—that’s the new blondie.

Give Your Car a Makeover


Expert detailers spill their secrets. (Cleaning cup holders with a sock? Brilliant!) Plus, the best cleaning tools that won’t hurt your wallet or your paint job.

Love Your Town, Not Your House?


Make your home a best place to live. Architects and designers from across the country share creative, cost-effective ways to address common complaints.

New Issues

Bloomberg Businessweek

Eating Well

Sports Illustrated