That’s right. Five. We’ve got five more titles: Automobile, Bike, Geek, Shutterbug and Surfer. We’re so excited about it, we’ve given them their own category this week. (Add these wonderfully nichey titles to your library by tapping (+) in the app.)

We’re also celebrating some big birthdays this week. Bike and Esquire just released their 20th and 80th anniversary issues, respectively, and Vanity Fair turns the big 1-0-0. Esquire’s animated cover is a beautiful exhibition of digital innovation, and the centenarian is just as fresh and vibrant as its latest cover girl. Here’s to another 20, 80 and 100 years.

Whether you’re reading up on the new, the old, investigating or throwing a party, it’s looking like a great weekend.

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

She's a Natural


Oddities hunter Nancy Smith spends her Sundays looking for animal skeletons and skulls, antique medical equipment, preserved organs, human bones and teeth, and creepy dolls to resell at her natural history and curio store, Necromance.

The Esquire 80


In celebration of Esquire’s 80th anniversary, here are the things—men, women, technology, books, food, booze, jokes, hunches, notions, and a handful of bold ideas—that define our time. Amazingly, there are exactly 80 of them. Did we mention cool animations and sweet videos?

Our Woman in Kabul

Marie Claire

Anne Smedinghoff was the first American diplomat killed on the job since the U.S. Embassy attack in Benghazi. The most poignant question about this young woman’s brief but brilliant life: Why would a young woman who could have worked anywhere opt for one of the most deadly places on earth?

The Best of Napa Valley

Travel + Leisure

With cutting-edge wineries, farm-fresh food, and sophisticated yet laid-back retreats, it’s no wonder California’s iconic wine region has such enduring appeal. Natives and visitors alike will benefit from this comprehensive insider’s guide.

All New

2014 New Cars


There’s no better evidence of the global automotive industry’s rebound than the slew of significant all-new and redesigned vehicles pouring into the marketplace for the 2014 model year. Here are 65 of them. It’s a great year to love cars.

Far Out


Bike has made a habit of taking readers to far-flung and often impractical destinations for two decades. Here, some of the most deranged writers and photographers look back on their escapades.

Group Posing Tips


An unflattering pose or awkward arrangement can ruin a photo of even the most photogenic subjects. Use these tips for setting up great group photos: avoiding straight lines, adding depth, creating triangles and more.

By the Numbers


It’s a beach that looks like Malibu, feels like California, with great waves and 30-40 people. Everyone has a number, everyone has their turn, and no one is crowding. In fact, they’re all so unconcerned, they’re actually cheering each other on. Is this one man’s dream, or does such a place actually exist?

Let's Investigate

The Man Who Came to Dinner

Vanity Fair

Though he can’t leave the Ecuadoran Embassy in London without risking extradition, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is everywhere—a candidate for the Australian Senate, the subject of several movies, and a key player in the Edward Snowden saga.

In Conversation: Michael Bloomberg

New York Magazine

In an exit interview, New York’s billionaire mayor reflects on New York’s income divide and the crucial role of the wealthy, offers harsh words for his would-be successor Bill de Blasio, wonders whether tech companies actually create jobs, and more.

Yes, You Can Master the Health Care Maze


Affording health care no longer has to be your family’s financial undoing. Beat the high cost of medical care with expert advice from health care advocates who are fighting for you.

Sexting, Shame & Suicide

Rolling Stone

“On the last day of her life, Audrie Pott walked through a crucible of teenage torment. A curvaceous sophomore at Saratoga High School, she looked the same as always, but inside she was quivering with humiliation.” A shocking tale of sexual assault in the Digital Age.

Throw a Slammin' Bash

Soup Party!

Vegetarian Times

Here’s something new to try this fall: Invite guests over for a cozy feast of hot, hearty soups. Casual buffet-style, an intimate get-together served family-style, or a take-along for a weekend getaway—a soup party can be anything.

The Perfect Party: TV and Treats


Piper Perabo, Covert Affairs’ hot young spy, gives us recipes and hosting tricks. Bonus content: Wine pairing tips and extra party planning tips available only on tablets.

Let's Party: Masterpiece Bash


Want to throw a birthday celebration kids will go Dada over? Invite some young visionaries to a party arty with these wildly creative hands-on projects and color-happy treats.

10 Simple Steps to a Kick-Ass Destination Wedding


The biggest, most important party of all. How about one with a reggae-fueled reception? This stress-free guide makes a far-flung celebration easier than you think. Plus, how five real brides did it.

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Bloomberg Businessweek

Cooking Light