UPDATE [October 31] : The FAA has approved the use of electronic devices during take off and landing. In other words, you can read your magazines on Next Issue through the entire flight.

UPDATE [September 27]: The panel has officially made its recommendation of relaxing rules on electronic device use during take off and landing to the FAA. Fingers crossed!

The time has finally come. (Almost.)

According to the New York Times, a Federal Aviation Administration panel is meeting this week to finalize its recommendation to ease up on device-restricting rules across all airlines and airplanes. The changes are expected to allow electronic devices—that means tablets!—to be used during take off and landing, and could be in effect as early as next year.

Bloomberg, and Consumerist.com report the amendments may also include lifting the ban on e-mailing, texting and Wi-Fi use. Whether you will be allowed to send that last-minute email (or download just one more magazine) before reaching the 10,000-foot altitude cutoff or not, devices must always be in airplane mode during flight, and phone calls are still an unwavering no-no.

The change of heart comes as the FAA strives to appease increasingly tech-savvy passengers. But while it is conceding the use of some electronics is harmless during take off and landing (another New York Times article explains that here), in-air phone calls interfere with radio transmissions between the ground and plane, and is a topic that won’t be considered by the panel.

The most important takeaway from this?

Non-stop to SFO = Non-stop magazine reading (Hopefully.)

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