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This week we present the best reads to Get Out and Explore, Get Down to Business, and Get Fit.

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Next Issue Picks

Peak Umami

Bon Appétit

In a joint exploration, BA teamed up with Wired to dig deep on one of their favorite subjects: Umami, the savory “fifth taste” experienced when chewing a perfectly seared steak or nibbling a hunk of Parmesan. Find out more about this mystery flavor and try it for yourself (more recipes in Wired).

Jesus Christ's Superstar


With the Lord as his swagger coach, Pastor Carl Lentz is turning Hillsong Church in New York City into a Pentecostal powerhouse. Drawn by his concertlike sermons and pop-idol looks, Lentz’s fast-growing flock of groupies includes Justin Bieber, NBA superstars, and young Hollywood celebs. But whom, exactly, is this new apostle of cool seeking to glorify?

869 New Uses for Old Things

Real Simple

Special Issue: When readers rhapsodize about their love for Real Simple, this section of the magazine is invariably one of the first things mentioned. New Uses for Old Things has served as a sort of beacon for staff members and readers alike. It has “smart,” “surprising,” and “good for the earth” all wrapped into one. What more could you want?

She Shattered a Classic Glass Ceiling


In the world of symphony orchestras, male conductors have dominated the platform. Now there’s Marin Alsop. She hasn’t just made it big; she’s blown up the old model, staging musical mysteries, joking from the podium, and teaching underprivileged kids to love Beethoven. Making history doesn’t interest her nearly as much as unraveling it.

Get Out and Explore

2014 Resort Guide


SKI asked readers to sound off on their favorite places to ski. From the sweetest glades to the tastiest après beers, here’s your go-to guide on the best ski resorts in North America. Your next assignment: Continue your fieldwork this season.

Lunch at Your Leisure


In Buenos Aires, the midday meal is an epic wine-fueled affair featuring classic Argentine dishes like spicy beef empanadas, tender steak, chorizo-stuffed mushrooms and more. Book your plane tickets today and go explore a culture that embraces conversations and great food.

The 12 Biggest Travel Mistakes You Think You're Too Smart to Make

Condé Nast Traveler

How to avoid traps and common mistakes that even the smartest travelers make time and time again. A really good one: Pack old clothes you’re ready to throw out and leave them behind at your destination to make room for clothing you buy locally.

Top Seaside Spas

Coastal Living

Get scrubbed, rubbed, wrapped, polished, soothed, and generally de-stressed at these world-class hotels by the water. With insider tips and recommendations for the ultimate five-star treatments.

Get Down to Business

Best Companies to Work For


First, read the feature on the charmingly hipster, handmade-everything company, Etsy, and watch the video about Clif Bar founder, Gary Erickson. Then, read up on the others that made the cut for Fortune’s second annual 50 Best Small and Medium-Size Companies to Work For.

Inspire: Storytelling


Swamping journalists with an endless stream of press releases won’t get you the coverage you covet. You need to get creative to get attention. Here, two writers fill you in on the seven methods that work.

What to Wear to Work


Sure, late nights and a killer PowerPoint presentation will get you noticed, but if you really want to stand out, you’ve also got to look the part. Here, insiders crack the dress code for every type of job.

Bitcoin Believers

Bloomberg Markets

“I’m not going to suggest it will replace the U.S. dollar,” says Barry Silbert. “But can it have as transformative an effect on the world as Facebook? Yes.” Bitcoin believers see the virtual currency as part of the next revolution to hit the web.

Get Fit

Balance Your Body


Dudes listen in, too—these tests and drills to get perfect physical symmetry aren’t just for girls. Work out the differences in strength and flexibility between your left and ride side, your upper and lower body, your front and back halves, and you can sculpt an incredible form.

Get Out: Elevate Your Fitness

Men's Fitness

Hit the mountains to take your conditioning to new heights. It’s all about endurance and having something left at the end of a hard push. Four of The North Face’s premier climbing, skiing, and ultrarunning athletes (true mountain men) help you get in peak shape.

Sexy Body Secret: Running


Go from the couch to finish line in only one month with this 5k program. Oh, and you’ll be sculpting the best body of your life, reducing stress, amping up your sex drive, and lowering cancer risk at the same time, too.

How Do Astronauts Exercise in Space?

PC Magazine

Astronauts are basically superheroes in space, but how do they stay fit up there? To minimize the effects of microgravity, NASA equipped the International Space Station with fancy fitness equipment: a space treadmill named COLBERT; CEVIS, a stationary bike; and ARED, a device that simulates weightlifting.

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