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It seems a bit early, but we just can’t help sharing a few of the delicious holiday recipes popping up in magazines now. Specifically, those concerning pie. And while we’re at it, we thought we’d help you get the whole house prepped for the season.

Right after we have some pie, of course.

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

The Meat Lab

Popular Science

Can engineered beef, chicken, and pork save the world? Meatatarians, vegetarians, and vegans: Read up. These substitutes made of soy, pea proteins and amaranth could make up the “meat” of our future diet.

22nd Annual Toy of the Year Awards


The reports are in from dozens of homes across the country, where more than 300 toys were put to the test. Kids rolled trucks through mud, took dolls camping, transformed yarn into cute crafts, and challenged each other to board games. Here are this year’s top 10, plus 20 other winners.

Have a Good Cry

Real Simple

From epic breakdowns to silent despair, the appearance of tears was once thought to be a curious trait of nature. Now scientists are realizing that crying is quite complicated and may even help us thrive as human beings. Read on to discover why we weep, and how to feel better doing it.

Rethink the Human Body


An entire section that explores science and innovation in bettering (or replacing parts of) the human body: high-tech parts, lab-grown organs, and fertility that you can turn off and on. You won’t believe what researchers have come up with.

Oh, Canada!

NHL 2013-14 Season Preview


We know, hockey + Canada is a little cliché, but so appropriate, too. These profiles, predictions and more (much, much more) will get you hockey fans set for the season, no matter what side of the border you’re on.

Keep Calm and Cook On


Jamie Oliver’s new Canadian mission: Helping everyone whip up fresh, healthy and affordable meals, insta-quick. Tap to listen to the interview.

The New Golden Age of Television

Canadian Business

From “Mad Men” to “Breaking Bad” to “House of Cards,” everyone agrees the small screen has never been so exciting. So why is it so hard to make money?

Flex Your Money Muscles


Tired of being the financial equivalent of a 98-pound weakling? Getting into shape requires a good plan, hard work, and someone to motivate you. Let MoneySense be your personal financial trainer.

Just Pie

Not-So-Humble Pies

Southern Living

From the South’s most trusted kitchens, here are 14 pages of pie. Get your fill of two southern specialties: delicious, decadent desserts and classic heirloom china.

Miss American Pie


“Alas, though I was starting to love pie, it quickly became evident that it didn’t yet return my affections.” How one cook embraced the glory of America’s iconic dessert.

I'll Just Have a Sliver

Food Network Magazine

Okay, maybe that’s a bit ambitious. Who can have just a sliver? This smattering of pie is so amazing, it will take an incredible feat of self-restraint to keep from gobbling them whole.

Pies, Tarts, Oh My!

Cooking Light

Cooking Light’s own Dessert Goddess, Deb Wise, started with store-bought pie dough to create easy but oh-so-special holiday treats. Also see the tablet bonus recipes and “Oops!” column for tips on how to avoid a slumped, sad crust.

Winter is Coming, Get Your Home Ready

Chic (and Cheap) Centerpieces

Good Housekeeping

While you’re at the supermarket, snag everything you need to assemble these elegant, all-natural table toppers.

Get Your Home Holiday-Ready

All You

With all the shopping and celebrating you’ll soon be doing, who has time for cleaning? These strategies and a little weekly maintenance will get every room in shape and tidy enough for entertaining through the new year.

Color: Dying to Try

House Beautiful

Everyone has a color they can’t wait to use, even if they haven’t found the right room yet. Go for it this season. Tap on these swatches for inspiration on what to update, then get to painting.

It's Almost Thanksgiving, and This is Our Dining Room?!

HGTV Magazine

Just in time (20 guests are coming!), HGTV helped new homeowners in Wilmington, DE, turn this cheerless space around.

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