Did you see Ad Age’s 2013 Magazine A-List Winners announced this week? Not to toot our own horn, but we carry eight of the top 10 featured magazines that are “not only doing great in print, but smartly building their brands beyond the page.” Like becoming multimedia masters, and producing edgy, innovative digital editions of their magazines.

This week’s story sampler showcases some examples of  great design, highlights some fierce and fascinating women, and will help get you ready for the holiday party season.

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

The Church of the Jedi


In the years after the first Star Wars trilogy, a group of dedicated followers built their own religion: Jediism. Facing persecution and ridicule, tens of thousands of faithfuls believe in the power of the Force and adhere to the Jedi Code. Away put your prejudices, because seriously devoted they are.

Trash Talk

Coastal Living

An eye-opening revelation about the epic gyres of garbage swirling in our world’s oceans. Aboard a scientific expedition through the Atlantic, writer Bucky McMahon searches for the evidence, and reveals the catch. But what he doesn’t see may be the most dire.

The New American Center


Everything we are told about politics in America today—that there is no middle ground between left and right—is wrong. There is a large group of voters who make up a new American Center that is passionate, persuadable, and very real. Be sure to take the survey and find out where you fall.

The Art of Memory


Sue Johnson is profoundly amnesiac. She’s essentially unable to form new memories. Find out what scientists are learning from this artist who has lost her power of recall. Also see the two bonus videos at the end of the article.

Great Design

The Objects of My Obsession

Fast Company

An epic quest in which one man tries to reconcile his appreciation for great design with his abhorrence of overpriced retail—with only his wits, his pickup truck, and that all-mighty leveler, Craigslist, to guide him.

Wacky Idea: Sleep Smarts


Bedtime gets high tech with digital PJs. Inspired by QR-code technology, these cotton pajamas are printed with a series of dots which, when scanned with a smartphone, launch one of 47 bedtime stories.

Return of the Power Suit

Men's Journal

If you want to make a killing, it helps if you dress the part. With Wall Street on the rise again and the national nightmare of casual Friday far behind us, men are ditching workweek khakis and sneakers for that alpha-male wardrobe staple: the power suit.

Inside the Actor's Studio


Vincent Kartheiser’s Mad Men character may live large, but in real life, the actor’s 580-square-foot house in L.A. is a tiny testing ground for ingenious industrial solutions. (Pretty brilliant, if we do say ourselves.)

Fascinating Women

The 50 Most Powerful Women


Nearly everyone on the list is striving to reinvent her business. From the CEO of IBM to the COO of Facebook to the President of Wal-Mart to the CFO of Oracle, meet a group of female executives who don’t sit still.

A Real-Life Scandal


When Detroit’s mayor and his female chief of staff lied under oath about their affair, they were both sent to jail. Christine Beatty, the woman at the center of the headline-making “sexting” case, reveals what really went on behind the scenes and what it took for her to reclaim her life.

Bed, Bath and the Beyond


A new generation of Jewish women is reclaiming the mikvah, a purification ritual tied to female purity. Once largely rejected as misogynistic, it’s now being reclaimed by young Jewish women, both Orthodox and progressive, including actress Mayim Bialik and Man Repeller blogger Leandra Medine. One woman takes the plunge—and emerges refreshed.

The Real Action Hero


“I’ve seen Whitney work miracles,” Ben Affleck says. “If my daughters turn out half as great as she is, I will be thrilled.” Meet the tireless and amazing Whitney Williams, who has built a model for Hollywood philanthropy. One that really works.

Holiday Party Prep

Easy Entertaining

Better Homes and Gardens

What’s the secret to hosting a stress-free holiday party with lots of style? These party must-haves, time-saving tips, quick appetizers, and advice from the experts.

Pretty Party: Haute for the Holidays


The festive invites are pouring in, but you have no idea what to wear. Don’t panic. LOULOU turns the spotlight on wardrobe staples that pack plenty of fashion mileage. You’ll be making the most of the season in full cheery chic.

Bite-Size Delights


Hummus and pita chips? Ho-hum. Instead, impress your guests with these supertasty appetizers, all around 100 calories or less.

Cutest Hostess Gift Ever

Ladies' Home Journal

Next time you bring a bottle of wine to a party, dress it up for the occasion. These super-sweet wrap ideas are incredibly affordable and only take a few minutes.

New Issues

Eating Well

Rolling Stone