The temperature is dropping, the leaves are falling, the sun is setting (way too) early, and the alluring warmth of our beds and couches is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. So don’t. Now is the optimal time to embrace a lazy weekend afternoon.

Locate your nearest sanctuary, cozy up with your tablet (or iPhone), and enjoy this week’s batch (animals, travel, and health) before the dwindling daylight hours will be reserved for feverishly completing this season’s to-dos.

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

The Intervention

New York Magazine

He’d blown the first debate. Now he was on the verge of blowing the second and risking his reelection. In an excerpt from their new book, “Double Down,” Mark Halperin and John Heilemann describe the moment when a president was talked away from the edge.

I've Got My Eye On You

Today's Parent

Location-tracking apps and devices now allow us to GPS-stalk our kids. Some say the popularity of these products is a sign that helicopter parenting has gone too far, while others feel they’ve found a smart, tech-savvy solution. Which side are you on?

The Vatican's Secret Life

Vanity Fair

Amid the scandal known as “VatiLeaks,” headlines about a “gay lobby,” and a new pontiff’s promise of reform, Catholic Church insiders pull back a curtain on the Vatican’s deeply conflicted gay community, from the dalliances of Popes past to the double lives of 21st-century clerics.

Rob Ford's Wild Ride


“Yes, I have smoked crack. Am I addicted? No. Have I tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors.” Inside the greatest political train wreck of our time: Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto.

Furry & Four-Legged

Closer Look: Pet Med


New high-tech medical devices for dogs and cats may help save humans. Then turn the page for the Battle of Corporate Steeds: Wells Fargo horses vs. Anheuser-Busch horses.

Ask a Country Vet

Country Living

Why doesn’t my cat purr? How can I soothe my Great Dane’s sensitive paws? And is it okay to feed a parakeet fresh fruit and veggies? Dr. Rob Sharp has answers.

The Dog Who Knows 1,000 Words


Digital Bonus: Chaser is an intelligent 9-year-old border collie, but her owner says any canine companion is capable of reaching toddler-level cognition and language acquisition. Just teach through play.

Locations: A Journey to Africa


Sharp photos are a gift to bring home from an African safari. It all centers on proper technique. Check out these stunning examples of animal photographs and learn how they were snapped.

What's New, Health World?

Night Moves

Canadian Health & Lifestyle

Studies show that we’re coming up short on catching our recommended eight hours of sleep, even when, at the end of the day, that’s all we want to do. So, why is that so hard, and, more importantly, how can we make it happen?

2013's Best and Worst Health News


It was the year of electronic cigarettes, juice bars, and gluten-free everything. Which trends should you skip or try this minute? Plus, better buffet foods for the upcoming holiday party season (Don’t worry, pumpkin pie makes the cut.)

Turkey Day Training

Men's Fitness

If there’s one holiday that seems to celebrate being fat, it’s Thanksgiving. What you need (beyond a little self-control) is a workout you can do anywhere and that helps to reverse the effects of all the “fun” you’re having. Use the following routine for a lasting metabolic boost.

Best Innovations of 2013: Health

Popular Science

In an issue packed with 100 of the best innovations of 2013, the health section includes a bionic eye, a robot doc, and a smartphone breathalyzer. Also see what’s new in entertainment, home, gadgets, green, and more.

Traveling in a Winter Wonderland

Knotty & Nice


Cabins are all about relaxing, reconnecting (to nature and to loved ones), and repairing the soul. In this Ultimate Guide to the West’s Best Cabins, “Sunset” celebrates their favorite hideaways and retreats for every taste.

Adventure 101


Certain qualities are required for an off-the-grid family ski vacation—namely a healthy sense of discovery, a willingness to stretch your comfort zone, and a zest for life, no matter what your age. Consider venturing beyond the resort this winter for a trip your kids will never forget.

The Big Chill

Condé Nast Traveler

Even if you can’t manage a big winter trip this year, take a vicarious arctic safari through Anthony Doerr, who camped on a four-foot-thick sheet of ice, jumped over frigid waters, and tracked the mythic narwhal in the Canadian Arctic, discovering a world stranger and more exhilarating than he ever imagined. The photos alone will take you on a journey.

Trip Doctor: 100 Ways to Travel Better

Travel + Leisure

Hidden fees, endless security lines, jet lag, middle seats—think they’re the necessary evils of travel? Think again. From finding the lowest airfare to securing a room upgrade, here are the 100 best tips and tricks for smoother, smarter, stress-free trips. Plus, expert advice from CNN’s iReporters.

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