Thanksgiving: a family holiday rich with tradition. A time to reflect on that which we are thankful for. To gather with loved ones, reminisce, mingle and relax. To challenge the laws of anatomy and push our stomachs to new levels of fullness.

And to read a bunch of magazines.

We also though we’d help you prepare for Black Friday shopping, so our holiday series this week includes gift guides to cover everyone on your list. (Or, get it all done in one fell swoop with the gift of Next Issue.)

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

New York, New Traditions

Condé Nast Traveler

Who can resist holiday season in New York? It’s when the city seems most shimmering and magical. And let’s face it—if you’re in New York during the holidays, you’re going to find yourself doing one of the things every tourist does. So here are some new traditions you’ll love as much as the old ones. Welcome to our city—because this month, it’s your city too.

The Style Manual for Gadgets + Gear


Where design meets Wired, featuring 161 must-have products. Truly great design reflects the world we want to create. Great products respond to problems that we encounter every day, and they inspire us to make everything else better too. Those are the types of items specially selected for this issue.



“But for now all is stillness. We see white hills, bending river, dawn sky. Nothing else. This is a reminder: Yellowstone’s wolves reveal themselves on their own schedule. In winter, Yellowstone is the wolves’ kingdom, not ours.” The wolves have come back to Yellowstone.

What Boys Want


An entire generation of parents has spent years panicking about the effects of hookup culture on girls, making it too easy to ignore the emotional lives of boys. But it’s boys who often lack the skills to adapt. And it’s boys who are falling behind.

While Under the Influence of Tryptophan

Patient Zero


Esquire’s most extraordinary story ever. There is not one chance in a thousand that the events of this story could have actually happened. But they did, and the result is that a young woman who was terminal now has a fighting chance to live, and that her case will validate an entirely new way to treat cancer. Meet Stephanie Lee.

Stars in Prison Stripes


One hundred or so of Angola’s gutsiest inmates will step into a ring with 1,800 lb. of pissed-off beef for a brief and life-threatening taste of freedom. A look inside the longest continuously running prison rodeo in America.

Good Read: Where the Love Light Gleams

Real Simple

For some people, coming home for Christmas or Hanukkah literally means returning to the house they grew up in. For others, it’s less about a place and more about the people they’re with. Either way, there’s no time of the year when home matters more, as these five writers explain.

What Does it Take to Change a Life?


Faced with one of the highest murder rates in the country, the city of New Orleans is trying to cure gun violence one young man at a time. Meet Michael Davis, participant in the innovative program.

Being Active: It's the Thought That Counts

Warmup: Thanksgiving Football and Food

Sports Illustrated Kids

If you’re a fan of football or delicious food (or both), it doesn’t get any better than Thanksgiving day. Here’s a schedule to help you maximize your enjoyment on Turkey Day.

Tough Rubber

Men's Journal

The fastest-growing bike race involves stairs, mud, and hills steep enough to force you to carry your bike. It’s also the most fun you can have on two wheels—if you’re OK with eating a little dirt.

From the Vault: The President Who Loved Sport

Sports Illustrated

Digital Bonus. He was not the only president to throw out the first ball of the baseball season, or the only one to faithfully attend the Army-Navy games. But John F. Kennedy was one of the few presidents to participate in such events out of a consuming, lifelong dedication to sports and fitness.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Mille

Road & Track

The Mille Miglia is a nonstop, 1,000-mile road race from Brescia to Rome and back that regularly took the lives of participants and spectators from 1927 to 1957. Now it’s a three-day vintage-car rally. One writer goes along the original route for what he learns is not an Italian pleasure cruise at all.

Holiday Series: Twice-Checked Gift Lists

Gift Guide All Under $50


Fifty-two fun, unique and carefully curated gifts guaranteed to impress everyone on your list, grouped by budget: rustic knick-knacks, trendy jewelry, charming accessories, useful electronics, and a host of other neat little finds they never knew they wanted.

The BA Gift Guide 2013

Bon Appétit

For obsessives, by obsessives. These are the presents every D.I.Y. food nerd, home mixologist, aspiring barista, unapologetic sweet tooth, and countertop aesthete will be asking for this holiday season.

10 Top Electronics

Consumer Reports

For the gadgets lovers in your life. Here’s the short list of standouts for innovation and performance from a favorite trusty source, Consumer Reports.

Best Toy Awards 2013

Good Housekeeping

Just in time for the holidays, Good Housekeeping wrapped up a yearlong search for the most innovative new toys. Of 150 kid-tested, safety-checked playthings, these pleased both their engineers and 120 pint-size evaluators, ages 3 to 14.

New Issues

Ladies' Home Journal