As a post-Thanksgiving treat to you, we’ve added two more titles to our ranks: Prevention and Women’s Health (add them to your library by tapping (+) in the app). And as if that weren’t enough, Esquire has introduced a new publication exclusive to tablets (and our iPhone app), Esquire Weekly.

This weekend is the perfect time to give your house some festive flair and gather the family for some fun activities—great ideas for both can be found below. Unfortunately, that does mean you’ll have to remove yourself from the couch. (After you read some magazines, of course.)

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

Tone Every Zone: Strong is the New Sexy

Women's Health

A quintessential Women’s Health feature. Step away from the five-pound dumbbells. Lifting heavier weights is the secret to scoring a leaner, fitter, hotter body.

Gifts of Health & Happiness


An apt intro for both the holidays and this new title. Some say that the act of giving cultivates generosity in all aspects of your life. Make your offerings thoughtful and healthy, inspiring a happy and abundant new year for you and yours.

This is the Best Gift Anyone's Ever Been Given

Esquire Weekly

Esquire every week? We’re in. An amusing and/or inspiring look at all the great and horrible things that can happen when you give a gift to someone you love.

Ticket Wars

Fast Company

You go to Ticketmaster at 10 a.m. precisely. The show is sold out! You quickly jump to StubHub and realize the ticket price is now three times higher. This is why the ticket industry is so hated. Here’s why that’s about to change.

Do Something This Weekend

Snowball Scramble


Bring the fun of snowy weather indoors with a zany game fit for the whole family. Or explore the rest of the Play section for other activities suited for cabin-fevered youngins (and their parents).

31 Days of Free Winter Fun


This month (read: this weekend), don’t forget to put yourself on the receiving end of some great treats, especially ones that don’t cost a cent. Refreshing, right?

Lift Off

Yoga Journal

Yoga gives pro snowboarders a leg up, and can improve your ride too. Read on to learn how some of the sport’s greatest athletes came to yoga and how their practice takes them higher.

Wonder-Wedge Book Stand


DIY: iPads in the kitchen thrillers on the nightstand—this handsome book stand handles them all.

History & Legacy

Heart of Palestine


Like the trees in the tightly managed groves climbing over steep, stony hillsides and carpeting drought-ravaged valleys, Palestinian culture itself continues against all odds. And the incredible food is key to its resilience.

The New Founding Mothers


It only took two centuries: Five women who made political history by winning all of their state’s top slots reveal the intimate, often surprising details of their varying paths to power.

Forget Me Not

Golf Magazine

Eddie Lowery’s pivotal role in the 1913 U.S. Open only begins to tell the story of his impact on the game. So 100 years later, why isn’t Francis Ouimet’s celebrated caddie in the Hall of Fame?

Going Deep

Town & Country

In 1943, Jacques Cousteau strapped on the first Aqua-Lung and dove into a lifelong adventure that would make him the 20th century’s ocean king. Now two of his grandchildren are carrying the family trident to unimagined undersea frontiers.

Holiday Series: Deck the House

Super Natural

Country Living

Mother Earth shows off her glam side, in twirled-up trimmings that marry outdoorsy motifs with elegant flourishes.

Five Fab Trees

Today's Parent

Create your own very merry holiday decor with just a few things from the craft cupboard. Tablet bonus: Watch two adorable boys show you how easy it is to make a potato stamp ornament.

Ring in the Season

Southern Living

Search your own backyard for inspiring supplies to create these one-of-a-kind wreaths.

Blessings From Norway

Traditional Home

Some decoration inspiration: Christmas Eve brings Julenissen, the Norwegian Santa, to this Texas family with Scandinavian roots.

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