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This week, we’re reading about developments in the tech world, strategies to maintain your physical and mental health through the sugar-laden, stress-prone season, and taking a look back at the best music, sports, style and business this year.

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Next Issue Picks

The Interview

The New Yorker

The Reid Technique has influenced nearly every aspect of modern police interrogations, resulting in as much as eighty percent of suspect confessions. But this style might actually be responsible for an alarming number of wrongful convictions.

Runaway Train


A family forsakes the American dream in favor of backcountry freedom. You may not be a mountain biker, but anyone can understand a man’s determination not to give up on his passion, and bringing his whole family for the ride.

Far, Far From Land

W Magazine

Where the waters are as blue as the petals of a cornflower and as clear as glass, there, where no anchor can reach the bottom, live the mer-people. An unusual, mesmerizing and slightly freaky photo series.

The Perils of Whistle-Blowing


In 1987, Richard Barlow, a young CIA analyst, tried to pull the plug on Pakistan’s nuclear bomb program. His career blew up instead. “I used to hunt Pakistanis,” he said. “Now I hunt birds.”

Best of 2013

The Year in Music

Rolling Stone

To borrow a savvy distinction from Miley Cyrus’ description of her VMAs performance, 2013 was the year the music industry tried to go from hot mess to strategic hot mess. The best albums, songs and more.

2013 Awards


Sports’ best performer, play, game, broken record, wildest conspiracy theory, worst rebuild and uniforms, least-helpful teammate, strangest saga, funniest Twitter personality, and a whole lot more.

The Shared Genius of Elon Musk and Steve Jobs


Both have disrupted multiple industries. But what Musk and Jobs have in common is a rare form of design thinking powered by unfettered conviction. Meet Elon Musk, 2013 Businessperson of the Year.

The 2013 Style 100


Restraint? So 2012. This year was different. Designers did not hold back, showing brazen colors, bold graphics, and lots of leather. (They even brought grunge back.)

Technologically Advanced

Playing With Our Food


3D sugar printing? Playing with food takes on a whole new meaning. Meet innovators Liz and Kyle von Hasseln, who are putting 3D systems to good (and yummy) use.

Reinventing the Human Machine

Men's Fitness

Thirty years ago, MIT scientist Hugh Herr lost his lower legs in a climbing accident. But he also found the purpose of his life: to use technology to make disability disappear. This year, after the Boston Marathon bombings, his mission took on a new urgency.

The Shape of Things to Come

Vanity Fair

Three tech giants have hired top architects to build new headquarters, but their futuristic-looking plans may not reflect the industry’s true future.

The Rise and Fall of BlackBerry: An Oral History

Bloomberg Businessweek

Over the last two months, the editorial team at “Bloomberg Businessweek” spoke to dozens of current and former BlackBerry employees, vendors, and associates. Here is their account of the thrill of BlackBerry’s ascension—and the heartache of watching its demise.

Holiday Series: Stay Healthy This Season

The 3-Minute At-Home Workout (That Really Works)

Ladies' Home Journal

In the time it takes to watch a few TV commercials, you can bang out these super-effective strength-training moves.

Holidays Done Light


Slip into something sparkly, break out the bubbly, and wow your guests with these delicious yet healthy bites.

12 Days of Christmas, 6 Possible Calamities, 1 Easy Fix

Canadian Health & Lifestyle

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it comes with a side order of stress, germs and often, physical pain. Use this expert-approved guide to navigate your way through six common holiday health issues.

Your Favorite Hikes


A crew of 38 reader-panelists trekked 17,129 total miles and spent 1,025 total nights in the backcountry to provide you with their best recommendations, from Alaska to Florida. Try to work one or two into your weekend activities.

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