We hope you’re motivated to amp up your fitness routine in the coming year, because Runner’s World and Bicycling are now available in the newsstand.

This week we honor the passing of the legendary Nelson Mandela with stories of individuals who likewise seek to positively influence the world around them. TIME‘s commemorative issue on this behemoth of social activism is particularly touching. (And don’t forget to read why they chose Pope Francis as Person of the Year.)

Also, cookies. Don your aprons and try out a few of the cookie recipes from our Holiday Series, and be sure to share a snapshot of your tablet + Next Issue + baking setup on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

Street Kids


For the runaways, gangbangers, abandoned and abused teenagers on an 11-day ride to the Grand Canyon, the challenge of pedaling 700 miles is nothing compared with the searing pain of their past. We like this one for its brutally honest look at these troubled kids and a journey that’s just as brutal.

101 Gadgets That Changed the World

Popular Mechanics

The answering machine edges out the sewing machine. The electric guitar trumps the electric toothbrush. But from alarm clock to zipper, all of the gadgets on this list (gadget = something you can hold in your hands, mechanical or electronic) have cultural significance that belies their physical size.

The Interview Issue: Lance Armstrong

ESPN The Magazine

Yes, it’s Ron Burgundy on the cover (and his interview with Peyton Manning is hilarious), but it’s the Lance Armstrong interview that got our attention. What is he up to now? How is he dealing with his doping confession? Read to get all the answers.

Sexual Healing (Book Excerpt)


This inspiring woman is the epitome of courage. From the forthcoming memoir “Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More,” writer and transgender activist Janet Mock reveals how forgiving herself allowed her to reach greater inner peace.

Looking Forward to 2014

Hot List 2014

Consumer Reports

This pilot issue of Consumer Reports’ Hot List gives you a quick, easy way to find top products in electronics, kitchen appliances, home equipment, autos—everything you want and/or need in 2014.

Trends 2014


A look at what’s hot, what’s developing, and what’s yet to come in the new year. Hint: cookbooks, crowdfunding self-starters, Brazil, Western apparel, mockbusters and more.

Technology of the Year: Autonomy


Ultimately, there will be no need for seatbelts, airbags, bumpers, rollover protection, steering wheels, pedals, or even “Automobile Magazine.” The end of driving is in sight.

The 2014 AD100

Architectural Digest

Since 1990 “Architectural Digest” has been naming the world’s preeminent architects and designers to a select group known as the AD100. These are the men and women who are shaping the way we live—one building, one house, one room at a time.

Inspired by Mandela: Advocates For a Better World

Protestor. Prisoner. Peacemaker.


This special issue explores many of the lessons Mandela learned during his long and difficult life and the legacy he has left us all. With appreciations from Bono, Morgan Freeman, Francois Pienaar, plus poignant images and videos from Mandela’s revolutionary life.

Runner's World 2014 Heroes

Runner's World

The achievements and superpowers of these 13 people are all different, save for one thing—they are all runners. Because they took a risk or defied the odds or stood up for a cause, the rest of us are better off, and the world is a better place.

How I Did It: Pierra Omidyar


In 1995, Pierra Omidyar sat down to write the code for what would become the business known as eBay. Now as eBay’s chairman, he is one of the richest people in the world. But he’s focusing his energies on philanthropy. Not in random acts of charity, but empowering others to do good.

Nelson Mandela


Unbowed by 27 years of captivity in South Africa, he emerged as one of history’s most inspirational leaders: ending apartheid, becoming a divided nation’s first black president and teaching the world to despise racism but forgive hatred. With digital bonus photos.

Holiday Series: Bake Your Cookies & Eat Them Too

Cookies That Make the Cut


Here are seven cookies that have been rated 4 1/2 to 5 stars by over 1,000 people. It’s safe to say your baking efforts will yield delicious results.

A New Cookie Tradition

Eating Well

This year, make naturally decorated cookies that are better, healthier, and more beautiful than ever.

Cookie Countdown

Food Network Magazine

It’s time for Food Network Magazine’s annual cookie parade. There’s one for every day until Christmas.

Cookie Wonderland

Coastal Living

Beach bums, city slickers, and Santa himself will get a kick out of these coastal sweets.

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