Now available in the newsstand: three new magazines all about gardening and DIY. So prepare to get your hands dirty, because no magical green thumbs or superior craft skills are required to do the projects on these pages (see Around the House, below).

Have you ever wondered how a magazine cover is made? As the face of a publication and the first thing a potential reader sees, a lot of work goes into making it irresistibly enticing. And irresistible to us this week is Bloomberg Businessweek’s cover of a fantastical unicorn amid a cascading waterfall of Bitcoins. See the evolution of this cover here.

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

Theeeeere's Johnny!

Vanity Fair

It’s Jimmy Fallon on the cover (“Heeeeere’s Jimmy!”), but don’t miss out on the trip down memory lane to a time when Johnny Carson hosted “The Tonight Show:” When he braved garbage strikes and muggers, lived atop United Nations Plaza, and had run-ins with mobsters.

Guilty As Charged

Today's Parent

Many parents use tablets and smartphones to keep kids entertained. Some call it “lazy” parenting, others say we’re teaching the tools of the future. Which camp are you in?

Walk This Way

Real Simple

Walking: It gets you out of the house and, as new research reports, out of mental ruts and into terrific physical shape. A step-by-step guide to the simplest fitness plan ever.



Journalist Jane Bucher had always been intrigued by the art of seduction. Now, as a blogger for a high-end escort agency, she uses her words to attract new clients—and finds that what men want is exactly what you might think.

The Competitive Edge

Margin of Victory

Popular Mechanics

When the difference between winning gold and going home empty-handed is measured in milliseconds, it pays to perfect every last detail. That’s why the U.S. Olympic team tapped some of the brightest minds in tech for help before departing for Russia. Here are a few of the breakthroughs that will help them chase gold.

Twin Streaks

Road & Track

You don’t have to be a car fanatic for this story to put you on the edge of your seat. A four-day, 150-mph Autobahn blast with Volkswagen’s GTI and diesel GTD, all to answer one question: In a real-world road race, can fuel economy slay brute speed?

One Tough Mother

Runner's World

Get inspired: Meredith Dolhare, wife and mother of two, was a stand-out tennis player before she fell into a cocaine addiction. Then she was an unstoppable Boston Marathon and Ironman competitor. Then she had spinal surgery that should have ended her athletic story. Now she’s running races 50-, 81-, and 135-miles at a time.

Larry Robbins: Off to the Races

Bloomberg Markets

Larry Robbins topped Bloomberg Markets’ hedge fund ranking with an 84.2 percent return. Among his winning bets: hospital stocks. Learn more about how he did it, and check out all of 2013’s top performers.

Around the House

Composting is Awesome

Organic Gardening

Middle-schoolers in the South Harlem neighborhood of New York City share easy lessons in making compost from urban food waste. Learn what’s included in their recipe of greens, browns, oxygen, and water—worms are optional.

It's Amaryllis Time

Country Gardens

If you long for flowers during the final months of winter, consider the elegant amaryllis. These natural arrangements for the winter-blooming bulb are simple yet striking.

Wood Works

Do It Yourself

Transform your house. This ultimate guide to oil-base, water-base and wiping stains teaches you how to finish furniture, create wall art, and stain with confidence.

Easiest Home Detox Ever


Greening your space can be confusing: Should you use natural cleaning products? Which plastics are OK? Discover the moves that matter most.

Plan Your Next Adventure

Vacations That Will Change Your Life

Coastal Living

From stunning beaches in Greece to a beloved Northeastern coast, these journeys are sure to inspire and transform.

30 Best Places to Eat, Drink & Shop in Paris Now

Food & Wine

To make the new edition of her classic “Food Lover’s Guide to Paris,” Patricia Wells gives writer Jane Sigal the ideal itineraries for four food-filled days in the French capital.

Trips of a Lifetime


Make 2014 the year you finally take that epic getaway. These five itineraries let you live your travel fantasies for less.

How to Pick the Perfect Cruise

Ladies Home Journal

Relaxing spa trip or activity-packed itinerary? There’s a cruise for both and everything in between. Climb aboard one of the newest and coolest ships for your next vacation.

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Architectural Digest

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