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Next Issue Picks

Going the Distance

The New Yorker

Obama’s Presidency is on the clock. The coming year is a marker, the final interval before the fight for succession becomes all-consuming. David Remnick’s revealing, rare-access account of the President’s early disappointments, current efforts, and future plans includes plenty of quotes from the President himself.

Cycling in Motor City

Canadian Business

A former disk jockey from Calgary moved to Detroit, built a bike factory, and found opportunity among the ruins. Like other recent transplants, he was lured by Detroit’s tattered tabula rasa, but can he create real jobs and real profit?

The Accidental Success of Adam Driver

Rolling Stone

Just as unlikely to be famous as this issue’s cover girl, Lorde, Adam Driver is now Hollywood’s oddest star. Learn how this alienated kid from a small town in the heartland achieved accidental stardom. (If you can’t get enough, see more Adam with his “Girls” co-star in “Vogue,” featured below.)

Fronds in High Places


Palm trees seem to signify one thing: laziness. No one calls a meeting to plan a hostile takeover under a palm tree. No one has ever said, “We settle this at high noon. Under the palm tree.” Here are five palms to admire—plus the palmiest, balmiest places to hike, bike, or bask among them this winter.


Grammy Insider


The world of music is covered here, starting with the “Essence” 2014 Black Woman in Music, Emeli Sandé, and continuing with details on a new wave of crooners, a flashback “Where are they now?” feature, and more.

Music: Where's the Beefs?


Lang Lang will perform alongside Metallica at this year’s Grammys, just one of several odd pairings. Where have all those great pop rivalries—rock vs. disco, East Coast vs. West—gone?

In the Beginning There Was a Nipple

ESPN The Magazine

In February 2004, 90 million people watching the Super Bowl halftime show saw Janet Jackson’s breast for 9/16 of a second and collectively lost their minds. Our culture would never be the same. (Part of a great sports-meets-music section in this issue.)

Hard Knock Life (The Ballad of Damon Dash)


He was the crown prince of the Bling Era, who turned his friend and partner Jay-Z into a superstar, signed Kanye West, and built a business empire. Then, he began to lose it all. Today, the 42-year-old Dash insists he’s right where he wants to be: hustling and hungry.

Ladies: Take Note

That Girl


Lena Dunham has brilliantly captured the anxieties and ambitions of a generation. Meet the hardest-working millennial in show business. And the must-see photos by Annie Leibovitz that sparked a bit of a Photoshop controversy.

Connections: Strings Attached

O, The Oprah Magazine

A year after their divorce, April Wilder and her ex-husband got tipsy, frisky, and—surprise—pregnant. That’s when things got really complicated.

Girls Who Like Girls


Cosmo celebrates all women—gay, straight, and everywhere in between. From debunking common lesbian myths to answering gay readers’ most pressing questions to a “What does it all mean?” quiz for those who’ve kissed a girl and liked it. Here’s to the ladies.

What Price Peace of Mind?


More and more women are choosing to have double mastectomies in hopes of lowering their risk of breast cancer. What have they gained? And what have they lost?

Alluring Architecture & Dramatic Design

Making Waves

Architectural Digest

Daring new buildings around the world. Whether a reimagined form or entirely new structure, these 10 great triumphs of contemporary architecture are sure to surprise, seduce, and inspire.

T+L Design Awards 2014

Travel + Leisure

A Norway steel bridge; a Long Island museum; a Bhutanese lodge; a suitcase, camera, and more. Innovative design makes travel better, and for the 10th annual competition, T+L’s distinguished jury chose the best of the year.

North Stars

Condé Nast Traveler

It’s minimalist yet warm, witty yet ingenious: Is it any wonder Scandinavian design has conquered the world? Come along with Kate Maxwell as she goes on a shopping trip through Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki to discover the newest (and greatest) products, furniture, and textiles.

Manhattan Beach Transfer


This issue is a tribute to possibility through thoughtful design choices, and the power of transformation in a variety of stages. We like this beachside beauty’s minimalist renovation, but be sure to check out the other three home features, each with those crucial and oh-so-satisfying before and after photos.

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Bon Appétit

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