Two monumental sporting events will capture our attention in the next week: Super Bowl XLVIII and the XXII Olympic Winter Games. We’ve got your required reading for both right here.

Well, our Super Bowl stories are actually recipes (really good recipes, crafted just for game day), because for many (let’s be honest) the food is indisputably what we’re looking forward to most.

Enjoy the game, the food, and your stories, and don’t forget to tune into the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics next Friday.

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

Olympic Preview: Sochi 2014

Sports Illustrated

Everything you need to know about the Olympics: Team USA, Mikaela Shiffrin (the 18-year-old skiing superstar), new sports, Russian hockey, and medal predictions for all 98 events.

Praise Cheeses!

Men's Health

Still lost among the shrink-wrapped slices? It’s time to taste real cheese: full-fat, flavor-packed, and protein-rich. Seek out the best and serve it right, and you’ll want to spend a lifetime tasting hundreds of varieties. Better start now.

Facebook's Next Decade

Bloomberg Businessweek

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t usually observe sentimental anniversaries, but this year, Facebook turns 10. And like any company that reaches its tweens, Facebook has some growth issues. But Zuckerberg has a plan. Several, actually.

50 Years of the State of the Union in 5 Minutes


It’s an American original, repeated year after year (and earlier this week). Watch this digital exclusive video montage of State of the Union speeches from our presidents over the past 50 years.

Hungry for the Super Bowl



What’s not to love about the big game, that perfect excuse for a midwinter celebration? Just one thing: the waistline-wrecking food. This menu makeover puts a delicious spin on tailgate favorites from sliders to buffalo chicken. Can you say “touchdown”?

Seven Layers of Fun for Super Bowl Sunday

Food Network Magazine

You’ll score points at the Super Bowl party when you bring a big dip for the big game. Choose from deviled egg, Italian hero, Greek meze, or Thai chicken dip.

TV Party

Vegetarian Times

From the Super Bowl to the Sochi Winter Olympics to awards ceremonies, January and February are great months for casual get-togethers around the TV. Set out a selection of familiar favorites to nosh on as the action unfolds.

Itineraries: Super Bowl Saturday

New York Magazine

And Super Bowl Friday night. And Super Bowl Sunday brunch. Some 80 die-hard New Yorkers offer firm tips for what visitors absolutely must do with their weekend. Locals, prick your ears too.

How to Win at Dating

The Data Miner's Guide to Romance


Finding love isn’t easy—even on online dating sites. “Wired” pulled data from and OkCupid to help you master the art of l’amour. 25 tips for writing the perfect profile, selecting the right photo, and understanding your audience. We bet you’ll find a statistically significant other by Valentine’s Day.

Love Me Tinder


Until recently, hookup apps were straightforward but sleazy. Then along came Tinder, the dating-hookup hybrid that made things simpler, sexier, and particularly lady-friendly. In just fifteen months, it seems to have cracked the code and caught fire. Here’s how Tinder won the sex-app arms race.

5 Stages of Online Love

PC Magazine

From meet cute to the unlikely reunion, conducting your romance on the Internet can be loaded with peril or promise. But whether played out on a movie screen or smartphone, the formula is still the same.

Mating Call


Who among us isn’t a little bit rusty on how to flirt, recover from an awkward silence, fake charisma, or hatch and escape plan? The first step is easy: Relax. Dating is fun. The second step: Buy a bottle of Maker’s Mark. It’s not for liquid courage—it’s the nightcap. See? We told you this was going to be a great date.

Useful Reviews

What Becomes a Legend?

Real Simple

Three hundred experts, including Real Simple readers and editors and industry pros, have spoken. Behold the lotions, potions, fragrances, and looks that have transcended time and claimed their spots in the pantheon of beauty greats. Why? Because they are wonderful—and they work.

Today's Parent Approved 2014

Today's Parent

Today’s Parent Approved is a program created to help families make product choices easier and with confidence. A research group, 1,000 readers, and industry experts helped whittle down the products with your most pertinent questions: Were the products easy to use? Of good quality? Did they provide value for your hard-earned dollars? Read on to see the winners.

Field Test: Trail-Worthy Tablets


Believe it or not, today’s tablets do more than let you read unlimited magazines. They’re trail tool powerhouses. And with the right choices, you’ll be able to navigate the backcountry, record your hiking experience, and enhance your time in camp. Here, the perfect combination of apps and accessories to help you do more, stay safe, and have fun.

100 Best Companies to Work For


Google tops this 17th annual ranking for the fifth time, with Boston Consulting Group, Edward Jones, Genentech,, and Intuit not far behind. And there’s good news for you, too: All 100 companies are hiring and seek talented candidates to fill 114,113 jobs.

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