This is a week of new additions and honoring traditions.

New: Two more titles have been added: Dr. Oz The Good Life and Diabetic Living. (See their stories under The Doctor Is In, below.)

Tradition: First, the XXII Olympic Winter Games have officially begun in Sochi. This month also marks the magaversaries of Glamour, 75, and Vanity Fair‘s annual Hollywood Issue, 20. Don’t miss these extra-special, extra-awesome editions.

Happy reading, and go Team USA!

P.S. How’s that Valentine’s Day gift coming along?

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Next Issue Picks

My New Life by Jimmy Fallon


After the new “Tonight Show” host tucks you into bed, he heads home to his smallest (but most vocal) fan—eight-month old Winnie Rose Fallon. Here’s how she’s changed his everything. (Written by Jimmy himself.)

Style: A Change of Underwear


Used to be you were a boxers guy or a briefs guy or, what the hell, a boxer briefs guy. It was a decision made early in life, and that’s pretty much the way it stayed. Yet underwear is important. It has consequences. Explore the opportunities for the man who wants something better from his basics.

The 2014 Hollywood Portfolio

Vanity Fair

The phrase “as you’ve never seen them before” gets thrown around a lot. American master photographer Chuck Close shows what it means. A remarkable slideshow featuring 20 of the most celebrated Hollywood stars.

How I Got Started


A well-honed founding story can help you connect with investors, employees, and consumers. Here, the “aha” moments that launched Spanx, Five Guys, Flipboard, Klout, and more.

The Doctor Is In

Beating Belly Troubles

Dr. Oz The Good Life

Bloating? Rumbling? Just don’t feel right? The latest research suggests that getting friendly with the bacteria in your gut can ease those belly woes (and may help you slim down, too).

Should You Go Vegetarian?

Diabetic Living

While research shows you can successfully prevent or manage diabetes following a variety of eating plans, some research and health care providers slant towards plants. Get sample recipes and definitions for raw, lacto-ovo, pescatarian, vegan, and flexitarian diets.

Failure to Launch


Testosterone is the rocket fuel for men’s health, energy, and sex drive, but 5 million of them produce too little of it. Are controversial T-therapy drugs worth it? A middle-aged man investigates low testosterone treatments.

The #1 Mistake Even Good Doctors Make

Women's Health

What if antibiotics stopped working? We’re on the brink of a dangerous era in which everyday diseases—ones that we’re used to knocking out with pills—could become virulent killers. Inside the scary rise of the superbugs, and what you can do to stay healthy.

Valentine's Day At Home

The Dark Side

Bon Appétit

From matchless chocolate cookies to rich, mousse-filled popovers, Brooklyn’s Mast brothers more than deliver Wonka-esque magic. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, sure, but why limit indulgence to once a year?

Spread the Love


Garlands, gifts for teachers, tokens for classmates—ten cute and easy crafts your little sweeties can make to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Mister Lonelyhearts


A meditation on that which makes Valentine’s Day so magical, or so turbulent: the life cycle of amour. Daniel Jones, together with his empirical wisdom as editor of The New York Times’ “Modern Love” column, and the help of 50,000 love letters, shares his insights.

30-Minute Meals

Every Day with Rachel Ray

A whole issue dedicated to morning meals. If you’re planning breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day, check out these 30-Minute Meals for something yummy, fast, and romantic.

Celebrating Black History Month

2014 Hollywood Hot List


There’s a myth that Black women don’t have power in Hollywood. “Essence” found 75 who do. Meet the players making the deals, the visionaries creating the movies and TV shows audiences love, and the sisters who will make their mark 2014.

The Liberation of Steve McQueen

Rolling Stone

“12 Years a Slave” won a Golden Globe for Best Drama, and recently received nine Oscar nominations. Director Steve McQueen, the second black director to have a movie nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, is ready to put his anger aside.

Amazing Grace

Teen Vogue

Making waves in the ballet world is nothing new for Misty Copeland. She fought racism and body shaming on her journey to become the first black soloist in 20 years at the prestigious American Ballet Theatre. Here’s an excerpt from her memoir.

Out Route

ESPN The Magazine

His story was supposed to read something like this: Tony Gonzalez unretires, leads Atlanta to a Super Bowl and rides off with a ring. Instead, a final season spent with the best tight end ever tells a much different tale.

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