This week, we’re trying something new. We’re relinquishing the reins of story selection to someone else (at least partially, we’re kind of control freaks), for a fresh perspective on our world of unlimited stories.

And we’re starting with one of our own employees, Bob Moll, Director of Publisher Integration. He’s sharp, sarcastic, highly inquisitive and the most non-annoying chatterbox you’ll ever meet, qualifying him as the perfect pilot candidate for this new program.

We hope you find his selection as intriguing as we did, and dedicate some time this long weekend to dig into his choices, as well as a few just-picked long reads, and our standard slew of awesome stories. (Check out all of his recommendations here. And if you want to be a featured story-picker, email us here.)

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

50 Bacon Appetizers

Food Network Magazine

“Whether they’ll admit it or not, everybody loves bacon. Even vegetarians. Vegans. They want bacon.” We agree with Ted Allen. Thus was born the bacon issue. Let’s start with 50 bacon starters.

Heir Force One

Town & Country

In 2005, Lachlan Murdoch walked away from a worldwide media empire that could have been his. Now, after nearly a decade of exile, power struggles, and near-catastrophic scandals, the firstborn son of Rupert is on the verge of claiming the News Corp. throne.

The School That Will Get You a Job


A new kind of education shows why four years of high school isn’t enough, and how a six-year high school can guarantee a diploma that works. Check out the digital bonus video, too.

101 Ways to Completely Transform Your Entire Cycling Life


Want to be a better cyclist? Just ride. Of course, one well-placed tip, trick, or nugget of wisdom can help you achieve something you might otherwise not learn for years. Here is a generous helping of tips from the most skilled and knowledgeable experts in the world.

Community Picks: Bob Moll Likes Cars, Bourbon, Yoga & Budget Design

The Billion-Dollar Bourbon Boom


Bourbon’s not my favorite distilled beer (that’s pretty much how I think of all that stuff that goes into making Whisk(e)y, Rye, Bourbon, etc.), but friends have introduced me to some great ones. Here’s the story of how the Bourbon business is now worth $8 billion globally, with a great cast of characters and some savvy marketing. Sláinte!

Inspiration Point

Yoga Journal

I’ve been practicing yoga for about nine years, however, the “plateau effect” that Sean Johnson mentions here is very real, and can reduce motivation and engagement. I found his meditations slowly helped me reconnect with my yoga practice. Highly recommended, even if you’ve only been practicing yoga for a shorter while. Not to mention some beautiful and inspiring art.

Modern World: Focus—Factory, Made


Ah “Dwell,” ye never fail to entice me with beautifully crafted and designed stuff, out of reach of the budget of mere mortals such as I. Maybe that’s why I have such affection for the story of two people building a home and design studio out of an old factory building. Favorite quote: “It works if you let yourself not try to fix it.” Confirmed.

Noise, Vibration & Harshness


Non-classics have a future. My current car is great, but it’s getting to the point where I might need to put some serious coin into keeping it presentable, so I’ve been considering fix-vs.-buy. I’m a firm believer in buying used cars (hey, I stimulate the economy in lots of other ways, cool your jets), so Jamie Kitman’s article about old cars that aren’t classics but are great cars with a track record checks all the right boxes.

Long Reads for the Long Weekend

Come Together

The New Yorker

Fiction: Revisit some of those all-consuming (for better or for worse) teenage emotions through Karl Ove’s story as he describes in vivid, immersive detail every fraught moment of his first relationship and first toe-curling kiss.

China Dreams

Travel + Leisure

In Hangzhou, under the spell of the lake, even the most driven person learns to be a little aimless, drinking cup after tiny cup of the region’s revered green tea. Discover sophisticated hotels, serene restaurants, and the quiet soul of the new China.

His Life in His Hands

Men's Fitness

Alex Honnold routinely climbs some of the world’s toughest mountains without a rope. He’s that confident. But is anybody really that good? Get to know the world’s most extreme climber.

The Future of Play


Imagine printing your own toys at home. Or watching your child have a one-on-one chat with her favorite TV character. These are just a few of the exciting changes that could be in your family’s future. Plus, 10 toys available now that will entertain, challenge, and thrill your child like never before.

Spring Sneak Peek

The Edited Life


Who says creativity has to be chaotic, and clean has to look boring? We peeked inside the homes of three creative women to steal their stylish clutter-conquering tips, just in time for spring cleaning.

Garden Know-How

Better Homes and Gardens

Tips and advice for everyone who loves to dig: What’s hot in flowers this year; new plants to love; and your spring to-do list.

True Blues


“Lucky’s” favorite style stars show off the chicest denim looks of the season. Like their style? Just tap the Twitter and Instagram icons to follow.

Spring Gear: The Best New Stuff of 2014

Men's Journal

Fifty tools and toys, including the latest, retro-inspired Jeep Wrangler; a device to ensure you never lose your luggage again; and an electric motorcycle that will take you 171 miles on one charge.

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