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 Jennifer Burke: Customer Relations & Marketing Manager at Ontario Lottery and Gaming Slots, Next Issue power user, and this week’s Community Picker. Three months into her subscription on the shiny new iPad she received for Christmas, and Jennifer’s already discovering tons of new magazines. See her top picks below, along with some from us about the Oscars, amazing mechanical thingys, and a lot more. 

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Next Issue Picks

The New Power Trip

Marie Claire

In our culture of downward-facing dog, juice fasts, and silent meditation retreats, a hard-core hallucinogen from the Amazon is fast becoming the next therapeutic fad. Look into the world of ayahuasca, and the women who swear it’s enlightenment in a cup.

The Best in Business Writing: Distant Lands


This edition (only available in digital) is a collection of excerpts from much longer articles published since 1930, with all the original layouts, photographs, illustrations and hand-drawn maps. It’s not so much a time capsule as it is a way of seeing how “Fortune” viewed the world many decades ago.

How to Command a Room


Knowing how to captivate an audience is an essential skill—and one that can be learned. Whether you’re directing volunteers, corralling family members, or angling for the corner office, here’s how to be the person worth listening to.

Where the Wild Things Go Viral


Do you like animals? Like, *really* like animals? Could you spend all your waking hours watching cat videos or, even better, working with a team of like-minded connoisseurs to determine which is objectively cuter—clips of a tiny jungle cat or of an impossibly adorable hippo? Then there is a job out there for you. You shall be known as the Beastmaster.

Community Picker | Jennifer Burke: Educated Foodie & Magazine Aficionado

Cleaning Up the Farm


With so many hidden chemicals and drugs in the food we eat, this article brings a researched approach to show that reducing or removing these practices is possible—and we will all be better off when it’s done.

A Change of Seasons


What a beautiful and inspiring article about a family-owned peach farm: Sharing the story of family roots, hard work, and growing your passion.

The Leadership Issue: Value Lessons


This article resonated with me in relation to my position and where I’m at within my career. It demonstrates what leaders need to consider to really make a difference within their organization to deliver positive customer experiences.

The Bacon Issue

Food Network Magazine

OMG! Bacon Issue. I don’t think I can isolate just one article. Bacon makes the ordinary extraordinary and this is proven in the recipe section, starting with chocolate bacon cupcakes. Yum.

Drones, Submarines & Automobiles

A Boy and His Drone


Camera-equipped flying robots have quickly become a staple of the adventure world, filming first ascents and nailing poachers. But that’s just the beginning. Affordable consumer drones will revolutionize how we experience the outdoors.

Flying Blind


Drones falling from the sky. Guided missiles swerving off-target. Communications blackout on the front lines. What will happen when the U.S. military loses control of the electromagnetic spectrum?

Audacious Tech


Space isn’t the only unexplored frontier. The “SeaOrbiter” is designed to help uncover the secrets of the abyss. The goal: Give the public a better understanding of how crucial the ocean is to Earth’s well-being.

How to Build the World's Fastest Car in 12 Tortuous Steps

Popular Mechanics

1. Break the sound barrier. 5. Build it like a fighter jet. 6. Get indestructible wheels. 7. Put a rocket on it. 9. Figure out how to get from 1050 to 0 mph. It’s part car, part airplane, part spaceship.

Everything Oscars

The Oscars Special

HELLO! Canada

All the nominations, Hollywood heroes, leading ladies, hottest parties, go-to designers, and fun facts. Basically, your comprehensive prep sheet for the big awards show.

What the Oscars Say About America

Esquire Weekly

“Despite the fact that the Oscars have now existed for 86 years, many still confuse them for a prize given to the year’s best films and actors and directors.” The 2014 Oscars: A celebration of gritted teeth and diminished expectations.

Winning Style


Stars share the thrill of awards season—and how they dress the part. Includes 360˚ views of gorgeous red carpet looks.

The Lady Vanishes


Every awards season prompts a flurry of articles asking whether the Oscars have a “woman problem.” And crunching the numbers shows women-centric films do win fewer Oscars.

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