We have three very important things to say.

1. New titles, Nylon and Domino, have been added to our catalog.

2. Women are awesome. Teachers and CEOs. Mothers and heroes. Breadwinners and bread bakers. Engineers and expert PB&J-makers. Olympians and politicians. There’s nothing they can’t do. Today is International Women’s Day and, ladies, today we honor you.

3. The “Newsweek” editor in chief said he was “ready for the shitstorm.” So, is Satoshi Nakamoto the mastermind behind Bitcoin? Check out the hottest story of the week in our Next Issue Picks.

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Next Issue Picks

Second Nature


Designer Lauren Liess invites us into her family’s Virginia home, where nature and simplicity rule. A great example of the (re)decorating inspiration you’ll find in “Domino.”

The "Dookie" Chronicles

Rolling Stone

On February 1st, 1994, Green Day celebrated the release of their third album, “Dookie.” Twenty years later, Billie, Mike, and Tré look back at the album that took pop punk from the gutter to MTV.

The Face Behind Bitcoin


“Standing before me, eyes downcast, appeared to be the father of Bitcoin. Not even his family knew.” Satoshi Nakamoto, the reclusive inventor of the troubled virtual currency, has been hiding in plain sight.

Putin's War


Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Crimea has touched off a high-stakes, Cold War-style clash—one that Russia can’t afford to lose. It’s the biggest threat to peace in Europe in decades. And the West is powerless to stop him.

What's In a List?

64 Important Numbers Every Homeowner Should Know

This Old House

In your favorite space, everything is just where it should be: Handles are easy to reach, drawers open unobstructed, there’s light where you need it. The key is knowing the right numbers. This room-by-room guide takes the guesswork out of where to hang that towel rack or how long a curtain rod to buy.

10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids


You probably wouldn’t use old-school phrases like “Wait until your father gets home” or “I wish you were more like your sister” with your kids. But there are lots of less obvious ones that you should avoid, for their sake and yours.

Shop Savvy


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your shiny new bike options, allow “Bicycling” to demystify the buying process. Here’s everything you need to know—plus great new gear that will take your riding to the next level.

100 Cleanest Packaged Food Awards


Eating clean doesn’t have to begin and end at the farmers’ market (though that is an admirable place to start). Convenience can coexist with clean ingredients, as proven by these low sugar, low sodium, sustainable award winners, in categories from breakfast to beverages.

International Women's Day Reads



Mid-bite of curry, she looks up to see a group of people exiting a conference room, and her brow furrows. “Why wasn’t I in that meeting?” she wonders, and then summons over a few staffers to quickly set things straight. Make no mistake: Jessica Alba is the boss.

United Nations of Bread

Organic Gardening

Hot Bread Kitchen turns out 1,000 units of bread a day—most made with local flours and organic grains—to appreciative New Yorkers. And the low-income, foreign-born women who work there are polishing both their culinary and language skills.

The Upside of Ego

Yoga Journal

It gets a bad rap, but your ego may be the key to happiness, if you know how to work with it. Ladies take note:
A healthy ego means a strong sense of self, but if out of balance, you might define yourself by your appearance, house, or job.

The Bravest, Boldest Thing I've Ever Done

Ladies' Home Journal

Quitting a high-paying job for a passion, or quitting your job to travel, or traveling the world with a man you’ve never met—taking a risk is always scary. But these women learned it might also be the best choice you ever make.

Fooducate Yourself

Inside the Mind of Bobby Flay

Bon Appétit

Bobby Flay schools us on all the little things, from the power of lemon zest to why a smoking-hot skillet is a cook’s best friend. Seventeen solid rules to cook by.

The New Mediterranean Diet

ESPN The Magazine

The Mediterranean coast is more than Europe. Countries like Turkey, Israel and Morocco provide a broader take on the Mediterranean diet with bold, palate-awakening foods. Here, top chefs share their favorite dishes while health experts explain why you can feel good about eating them.

Have a Cow

Men's Health

He bought a cow from rural Pennsylvania’s Sugar Hill Farm. Then he cooked it. And ate it. In the process, Paul Kita learned how buying grass-fed beef in bulk, directly from the source, can fortify your health.

Trips to Savor


Eat your way through four fantastic food towns, wallet intact. Your waistline is another matter. Features Houston, Portland, Charleston and Playa del Carmen.

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