Welcome to the “get” issue of #WeekendReads: get outside, get in shape, and get your Easter plans in place.

Also, get to know Joseph’s Stalin’s complicated daughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva. Before you read, get a peek at the handwritten, scratchy letters she sent “The New Yorker” journalist Nicholas Thompson in this informative, story-behind-the-story video.

Happy reading (and watching)!

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Next Issue Picks

How's Your Money State of Mind?


This “Money” poll reveals mixed emotions: Feeling pretty good about finances today, but full of worry for the long run. See what’s keeping respondents up at night and what they say it would take to feel financially secure. Video extra: Is your money better off in stocks or under the mattress?

"At Some Point, All Our Movies Suck"

Fast Company

14 movies and 14 number one box office hits. No movie studio can compete with Pixar’s success record. In an exclusive interview, Pixar’s president explains how success is molded, and his advice applies to any company seeking to push boundaries.

Logos We Love


The best logos give companies a unique place in the world, connecting the heart of the brand with consumer desires. The logos on these pages are not from the big names you might expect (Pepsi, Nike), but they’re all highly creative and craft-driven (check out Slice, Gotham Books, and Speak Up Africa).

My Friend, Stalin's Daughter

The New Yorker

Joseph Stalin’s daughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva, is the Cold War’s most famous defector. Journalist Nicholas Thompson wrote her a letter in 2006 while researching a book. That was the beginning of a relationship that lasted until Svetlana died in 2011. As a result, we get this revealing portrait of the “difficult yet charming” Svetlana.

Get Outside

Planet of Escapes

Outside Magazine

There are hundreds of great trips, apps, and lodges out there, but the 50 winners of “Outside’s” 2014 Travel Awards have them all beat. Here’s the best beach, best foodie destination, best SUP getaway, best desert trip, best deal, and much, much more.

Oak Land


They’re majestic, imperiled, and the most Californian of all trees. Follow this guide to see them in their spring glory. Includes a species guide and an eight-great-spots map.

Locals-Only Lunkers

Field & Stream

Maybe there’s a monster fish in that pond at the park or that stream you drive over every day. Even if you don’t live near a body of water known for holding giants, you might be surprised by what you can catch. Here’s how to fine tune your home game.

Picture This: Night Light


These beautiful pictures demonstrate the great photo ops of night. For each image, there’s some cheat-sheet data on shutter speeds, ISO settings, zoom techniques, and more. Does it inspire you to capture some night lights?

Get Fit

The Power of 10

Running Times

The classic 10-miler is more popular than ever. It’s long enough to be a double-digit challenge, short enough that you have to use your speed. Includes a 12-week training plan.

8 Minutes to Afterburn


One session of METabata spikes your metabolism by 85%. How’s that for 8 minutes of effort? Oh, and it reportedly feels good, too. Includes the why-it-works science and then step-by-step instructions for the workout, including pictures.

Crank Up Your Cardio


Is cardio, in the form that we’ve known and loved, dead? Is cardio keeping us fat? New research shows that slow and steady doesn’t win the race.

The Best Shape of Your Life


More than ever, we’re going to the gym and eating things like chard and bulgur on purpose. Still, we could be doing better. Here, a comprehensive six-week plan to improve your health. You’ll eat better, get stronger, and maybe buy a new pair of shoes.

Get Ready for Easter

Easter With the Pioneer Woman

Woman's Day

Welcome to the ranch. Food Network star Ree Drummond shares her favorite springtime feast. “Making things ahead is the secret.” On the menu: root beer-glazed ham, potatoes au gratin, and green beans with lemon vinaigrette.

Make Easter Extra Sweet

All You

Brighten your holiday table with whimsical desserts that are sure to please. Kids will love the bird’s nest cake, cookie bunnies, or bunny cars made of Twinkies and Peeps.

The Easter Egg Challenge

HGTV Magazine

HGTV stars take a crack at dressing up eggs for Easter—no dyeing allowed! Behold the piñata egg, the ombré glitter, the stencil letter, and more.

Ready, Set, Spring


These colourful crafts are surprisingly simple to make. Includes an Easter-appropriate centrepiece, place setting, and party takeaway. Plus, a natural dye guide for your eggs (tip: use onion skins for a deep orangey-red).

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