Congratulations to the newest Next Issue addition, “Working Mother,” on three and half decades as a magazine. My, how times have changed since 1979.

Speaking of milestones, it’s been exactly two years since we introduced our ground-breaking unlimited plans. Thank you so much for being part of our journey as we seek to create the best magazine experience ever.

In case you missed it, check out our evolution of magazines infographic, originally published in the fall when we hit 100 titles on Next Issue. Seems so long ago now.

Happy anniversaries and happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

Birth of the Cool

Road & Track

In 1964, Henry Ford II wanted showroom success. Lee Iacocca wanted a pop phenomenon. What they got was a legend. Here’s the fascinating history behind the Mustang. Cool trivia: Chicago’s Gail Wise bought the first Mustang ever sold, and she’s still got it. Wise indeed!

Best Cocktails of the Decade

Food & Wine

A salute to America’s mixology madness. The innovators, the best bar crawls, the style trend favored by mixologists, and (of course) the recipes for six standout cocktails. Quiz: Preferred shape for the hand-carved ice in your whiskey on the rocks? Answer: Sphere.

Invisible Lines


A former Hong Kong resident returns to the world’s most vertical city to rediscover the singletrack treasures behind the concrete and skyscrapers. We love the juxtaposition of the city-life imagery alongside the photos from the lush-looking, increasingly popular trail rides.

A Celebration

Working Mother

“Working Mother” launched in 1979, just as moms were joining the workforce en masse. Today, 68 percent of married mothers work outside the home. Here, words of wisdom from the magazine’s president, plus new survey results that reveal how our moms’ work choices impact our lives today.

Amazing Tech

Doctor Whom


If business really is all about relationships, Neal Goldman’s got it down to a science. His online platform, Relationship Science, uses the people you know to find a pathway to the rich and powerful ones you don’t, tracking the connections of the one percent (whether they sign up or not).



It took four years and millions of dollars to construct the most audacious exploration vehicle ever. It’s mission: Take four-year-old Kira camping. Scroll the images to see inside the Kiravan, designed to go 2,000 miles without a pit stop.

3D Printers Are Now Saving Lives

PC Magazine

Surgeons in Louisville, Kentucky successfully used a 3D-printed model to study the heart defects of a 14-month-old boy and save his life. Watch the video to see the doctors, engineers, and patient involved—and the printer at work.

Movers & Makers

Popular Mechanics

Meet 25 innovators reinventing the American Dream in garages, at kitchen tables, and in shared workshops. DIYers are empowered to design, manufacture, and market their creations as never before. Call it the Maker Movement, a fresh Industrial Revolution, or the New Innovation Economy.

Stylish This Spring

The GQ 100


“GQ’s” third annual Style Bible includes a compendium of a hundred things every man should know about how to be stylishly not-naked now, from watches (with pop) and ties (that are summery) to shops worthy of a pilgrimage (even to Seattle).

Color Cue

Family Circle

Who knew a dash of cool mint, a splash of yellow, and a shot of coral could be so flattering? Follow this guide, complete with matching makeup, to wear these punched-up pastels.

In the Mix


If you want to be a master of pattern clashing, get your head-to-toe inspiration right here. Photographed by Marvin Scott Jarrett. Styled by Michael Kozak.

Ray of Light


Here comes the sun—and with it dawns an uplifting, ultrafeminine moment that brings an adult spin to girlishly romantic pieces, from white lace to pin-tuck pleating and winsome blooms.

Your Holistic Life

Veg 101: Mindful Beauty

Vegetarian Times

Even as more and more companies add botanical beauty-boosters to their products, some still rely on animal-sourced ingredients and chemicals that could mess with your health and the environment. Here, your guide to ditch the dirty stuff.

And Now Your Stress Will Float


If you thought meditation was only for laid-back types, you’d be wrong. It’s a proven stress buster that works even for the busiest minds. Go on: Relax.

From the Heart, Into the World

Yoga Journal

Yogis everywhere are doing good. But these passionate pioneers stand out with smart new approaches to teaching yoga to the people who need it most. Meet the Freedom Fighter, the 12-Step Guru, the Soldier’s Advocate, and more.

Live so You Never Have to Cleanse


Nine easy, everyday tricks to keep your body running (and looking) its best. Follow this advice and you’ll never sip your dinner through a straw.

New Issues

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