This week we’re celebrating music, money, and the moon.


‘Tis the season of music festivals—Coachella’s happening as we speak, and that’s just the beginning. ‘Tis also the season for taxes. We’ve included some inspiration for spending (woohoo) or saving (boohoo). And, finally, to celebrate the upcoming lunar eclipse, a roundup of things you might enjoy doing by the light of the moon.


Oh, and before you dig into our epic 20,000 word Next Issue Pick, “The Snowden Saga,” check out this animated teaser video giving you a recap of events-to-date in two minutes sharp.


Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

A Banal, Life-Threatening Crash


Michael Schumacher, the world’s most famous race-car driver, is lost in a coma. April 8 marked the 100th day since he fell while skiing in France.

The Snowden Saga

Vanity Fair

When N.S.A. contractor Edward Snowden leaked data from top-secret files to three journalists, he stunned the U.S. government and sparked a global debate about privacy and security. Here, the twists and turns, how and why he did it, who helped, and what’s next.

Digital Mavericks 2014


True innovation isn’t easy or smooth. That’s what makes it capable of shattering the status quo and rocketing forward. If there’s one thing these 29 innovators have in common, it’s the audacity to say “No, let’s try it my way.”

Rare Form

O, The Oprah Magazine

It can leap and lounge, stretch and sit, be tickled and dance the tango. Come along as we admire the peerless beauty, elegant function, and incredible capabilities of nature’s greatest design marvel—the human body. Great in digital, with lots of tapping, scrolling, and animation.

The Music Scene

The Dead's Working Man

Rolling Stone

“I found my true brothers through the art of music and a series of improbable coincidences.” Two decades after the death of Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh is still figuring out what it all meant.

Benji Hughes's Infinite Songbook

New York Magazine

The best songwriter you’ve never heard of sleeps in a studio closet, and he’s putting the finishing touches on four new albums. Bonus tip: Check out his only commercially available (and awesomely weird) album “A Love Extreme.”

The Culture: Buzzworthy. Pop Embraces a Dirty New Sound


Khhhk. Zzsst. Zhrmm. Hear that? They’re the sounds of dubstep, now crawling up the pop charts. Latest evidence: Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive,” which is now the longest-running entry in the history of “Billboard” magazine’s Hot 100 singles.

Music Reviews: Fifteen Awesome Festivals

Entertainment Weekly

‘Tis the season for seeing 80 bands in a day. Check out EW’s guide, then grab your earplugs and your SPF and hit the festival circuit. (Also in EW this week: Summer Movie Preview.)

Under the Moonlight

Where the Wild Things Are


Spend your summer vacation going over the mountains and through the woods to see animals and sea creatures in their natural habitat. Want to feel like you’re on a safari? Camp in a tent cabin at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Texas.

The Lightest Night


The Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride. Can this crazy, off-the-cuff, two-wheeled caper continue? And should it? The ride founder and his friends believe they can make this year’s ride meaningful to the city—and the marathoners.

Not Your Grandfather's Driving Range

Golf Digest

With bright lights, thumping music, and a smoking hot bar scene, Austin’s fast-growing TopGolf might be just what this stuffy game needs.

The 10 Essentials


From firestarters and first aid to shelter and socks, here are the top picks for this season’s must-have gear.

Tax Time: Woo-Hoo or Boo-Hoo?

European Hideaways

Travel + Leisure

Woo-hoo! Time to splurge. More than two dozen places for your next dream escape. An idyllic port town off the coast of France. A medieval village in Spain. An English country retreat.

Calm, Cool and Connected

Better Homes and Gardens

How about a new kitchen? One with windows that close automatically when it rains and a washing machine that sends you a text when the load is done. See all the bells and whistles in this 2014 Innovation Kitchen.

Getting More From Your Store

Consumer Reports

Boo-hoo! Time to save. Rating of 55 supermarkets, and how to shop cheaper, smarter, and faster. Learn about layout, know the high-low game, beware of tricky signs, and more.

20 Dinners Under $2

Every Day with Rachael Ray

Two teensy bucks for weeknight meals that will have you happy in the checkout line and at chow-down time. Spicy chicken and broccoli or squash and ricotta pizzette, anyone?

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