We love it when subscribers tell us what they’re reading.Linda Khumalo Jones is a voracious reader. She lives with her husband and two dogs in a house chock-full of books. They live in the U.S., but Linda regularly visits her native Johannesburg, South Africa. Thanks to Next Issue, lugging a stack of magazines for the 17-hour flight is a distant memory. Today, Linda shares a sample of what she’s been reading lately. Check the pub dates carefully because some of Linda’s picks demonstrate the beauty of back-issue access.

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P.S. “Field & Stream” put a woman on the cover. First time in 30 years! Check it out below.

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Next Issue Picks

Buy Happiness

Men's Health

Twelve dreams you can actually afford. It’s the smart man’s plan for buying happiness on any budget, from a custom-made suit or a curated art collection to a Mount Everest expedition or wheels that really move you.

The Master Code

Popular Science

Oh, you know, it’s just a small idea. Randal Koene simply plans to upload our brains to a computer so we can live forever. What used to be pure sci-fi seems tantalizing within reach.

Twenty-Five Mains in 25 Minutes or Less

Cooking Light

These dinners emerge from the kitchen in a flash. Whatever you’re in the mood for—accelerated Asian, quick comfort foods, speedy Italian, and more—it’ll be on the table in no time. Plus, bonus tablet recipes.

DIY Tech: I, Coffeepot

Popular Mechanics

Alexis Sobel Fitts revved up her apartment with the Internet of Things. And then it sort of creeped her out. Here, the details of her home-automation learning curve, the “invisible butler” upside, and the “I didn’t want that on camera” downside.

Community Picker | Linda Khumalo Jones

Farm to Market

Living the Country Life

The Zulu girl in me occasionally wants to sell all my possessions and move to a farm with my husband and dogs. Then I remind myself that a simple life is not necessarily an easy life. Thanks, Next Issue, for introducing me to a magazine I would never have picked up. “Living the Country Life” is the stuff of my dreams.

Why Can't a Smart Woman Love Fashion?


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is one of my favorite writers. In this essay, she writes about the unspoken but well-understood belief that a woman who pays extra attention to her looks and fashion is often not expected to be smart. Thankfully this view is not as prevalent as it was when I was growing up.

How to Fail in Business While Really, Really Trying


This is a story of rebranding gone awfully, recklessly and painfully wrong. There are so many lessons to be learned from what happened with J.C. Penney. This is a well-written article that leaves no stone unturned.

Escape From Your Vacation

New York Magazine

This is a great list of places to visit to forget the tough winter. It gives you the city to fly into and a place about an hour away by car. Cape Town is on the list–I highly recommend it. I would have kept Paternoster a secret, but now that it’s out there, make sure you stay at Oystercatchers’ Haven. You won’t regret it.

Earth Day Every Day

Yard Sale Spectacular

Real Simple

There’s an art to turning your trash into someone else’s treasure. Here’s your comprehensive, no-fail plan to cash in on your castoffs.

What to Do With Your Old Electronics


Here’s how to avoid clogging up landfills while making money on your gadget graveyard.

Energy 360: Burn It Clean


With Europe leading the way, waste-to-energy plants are turning an unlikely resource—garbage—into electricity. And a ski slope?

Before & After: Beautiful Lawn Alternatives


By ditching the lawn and turning their yard into a series of outdoor rooms, a couple finds themselves living alfresco. Good-bye thirsty lawn and hello low-water alternatives.


Bush is Back


Is America ready for a third Bush president? George W.’s brother Jeb is suddenly a leading Republican candidate, and he’s wanted to be president since he was 8 years old.

How to Be a Picture of Confidence


Per request, thousands of women shared their stories and unretouched pictures of themselves. Ten of these powerful, intensely personal journeys here. Let yourself feel inspired. Warning: Tissues may be required.

A League of His Own

Men's Fitness

As he steps up to the plate for “Million Dollar Arm,” Jon Hamm—late bloomer, sports fan, classic Hollywood leading man—ponders life after Don Draper.

Game Face

Running Times

The Olympic bronze, American records, and national titles are nice, but Shalane Flanagan won’t rest until she has a Boston Marathon victory.

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Field & Stream

Midwest Living