It was a big week for magazines. Seventeen magazines were honored at the 2014 National Magazine Awards. We’re proud to say that the Next Issue newsstand includes 13 of those award-winning magazines.

Congratulations to all of the winners, including:

  • Fast Company, Magazine of the Year
  • Four-time winner The New Yorker
  • Three-time winner New York Magazine
  • Two-time winner Bon Appétit
  • And first-time winner Cosmopolitan

We’re featuring a few of the best-of-2013 articles here, for some guaranteed-good weekend reading (gotta love that back-issue access). Get the complete list of categories and winners on this post.

Don’t forget: Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11. If mom’s an avid reader, consider the gift of unlimited access to over 135 magazines.

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

X Marks the Spot


In 2010, a wealthy art dealer hid a box full of gems and gold somewhere in the Rockies. A treasure worth millions awaits the first hiker clever enough to decipher the clues. How hard could it be?

No One Walks Off the Island

ESPN The Magazine

Two years ago, Yasiel Puig fled Cuba in the hands of black-market smugglers. This is the story of how the cost of that defection journey, in money and human lives, shadows him still.

Have Gunn, Will Travel


An unlikely band of intergalactic misfits become heroes in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” And writer-director James Gunn is responsible for making warrior trees come alive and a deadly, talking raccoon credible as part of an offbeat band of space cowboys. Is his cult status in serious peril?

The Return of a Cult Classic


Don’t look now, but the Hare Krishnas have left the airport and entered the boardroom. The much-maligned Hindu sect has shed its freak-show status and, behind its yuppie-friendly pillars of yoga, meditation, and clean living, is transforming America into a postmodern ashram. Robes not required.

2014 National Magazine Award Winners

A Loaded Gun

The New Yorker

Patrick Radden Keefe’s powerful report on a mass shooting and a haunted past. After sitting silently through a 50-minute meeting, Amy Bishop, who knew her job was ending despite her efforts to appeal the decision, pulled out a 9-mm. Ruger semiautomatic and shot six people, three of them fatally. Why did this “brilliant girl” snap?

Special Report: Bitter Pill


To understand why U.S. health care spending is out of control, you just have to follow the money. This in-depth investigation of billing practices reveals that hospitals, and the executives who run them, are gaming the system to maximize revenue and sticking patients with bills that have little relationship to the care that’s provided.

Five Years From the Brink

Bloomberg Businessweek

In a special issue dedicated to the biggest economic story of the past half-century, Bloomberg Businessweek starts with the day of the Lehman Brothers collapse to examine how the crisis affected the lives of the people who created it, tried to stave it off, protested it, profited from it, and lost everything to it.

Your Cosmo Guide to Contraception


When you want fun and freedom more than a baby, you need contraception. But survey results reveal nearly 75 percent of women who don’t want a baby have had unprotected sex and 54 percent have had a pregnancy scare. Your partners can by pushy, your doctors dismissive, and your sex-ed teacher…what sex-ed teacher? Let’s talk about how not to get pregnant.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Cooking School: Mexican Cuisine


If you think Mexican cuisine is all hard-shell tacos and gooey cheese, think again. Real Mexican cooking marries fresh ingredients with bold seasoning and bright flavors. Recipes for tacos, enchiladas, guacamole, and a tequila cocktail.

Throw a Mexican-Themed Party

All You

Ring in the holiday on May 5 with festive food, crafts, and learning games. Includes how to whip up some ice-cream-cone maracas.

Fun, Fearless Latina Awards 2014

Cosmopolitan for Latinas

The women (and one man) who make us stand up and take notice. The fighters, the provider, the reinventors, the educators, the crusader, and more.

Most Wanted Recipe: Salad Tacos

Food & Wine

Want to try something lighter for this year’s celebration? Try Alice Waters’ salad tacos with melted Jack cheese. She’s the founder of Berkeley’s legendary Chez Panisse, so they must be good.

Best Practices in the Business World

Infectious Behavior


Virality isn’t about luck; it’s about creating clever, engaging content that’s irresistible to consumers across all corners of the social media landscape. Follow the lead of these 10 brands, including Chipotle and Dove, and you may end up with a viral hit.

Trust Us


From Airbnb to Lyft to Tinder, the sharing economy is rewiring the way we interact with each other. “In about 40 minutes, Cindy Manit will let a complete stranger into her car…”

Focus or Bust


The typical CEO gets about 200 to 300 emails per day. Some estimate that distraction costs hundreds of billions of dollars a year in lost productivity. Cognitive overload is killing your business. Can you fix it?

The New Teamwork


Collaboration has never been more crucial in business. Meet six teams, including Toyota’s fuel-cell crew, that know how to get things done.

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