This week we’re celebrating Mother’s Day, new hobbies, picks from a best-selling author, and Monica Lewinsky’s candor.

Guest curator Alice LaPlante is the author of five books (and counting). People (March 17, 2014 in the Next Issue archive) said her newest book, “A Circle of Wives“, is, “a smart, intricate tale about murder and the elusive mysteries of marriage.” It’s a whodunnit that More magazine says you shouldn’t read after dark.

Alice told us that she loves magazines because they offer “such a smorgasbord” of interesting material. Her reading recommendations, featured below, certainly have us turning the pages.

And Monica Lewinsky didn’t let us down with her story in Vanity Fair. She promised candor, and candor we got. After reading her very personal essay, check out bonus photos from the shoot at

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Happy Mother’s Day and happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

Shame and Survival

Vanity Fair

This week’s “it’s everywhere” story is well worth reading and by Monica Lewinsky. With unprecedented candor, Lewinsky challenges all those who hung the Scarlet A around her neck.

Roll Out the Barrel


Surprise, a men’s magazine tucked inside Flare. It’s almost summer and the living is easy, so grab a cold one and brush up on your brew IQ with MADE’s definitive, highly subjective guide to beer.

The Manual of Modern Manners

Real Simple

Welcome to Real Simple Finishing School, your be-all, end-all 2014 authority on awkward interactions, stressful situations, and elbows on the table (still rude?). Please be so kind as to take a seat. Class is about to begin.

Go: 24 Hours of Le Mans

Road & Track

This year, the stakes at the 24-hour Le Mans race are greater than ever. Strict new fuel regulations and two new challengers in the sports top class mean you shouldn’t miss out when the Tricolore drops. Here’s the complete overview.

Guest Curator | Alice LaPlante

Pure Evil

The New Yorker

I was delighted to read a full-length feature of the kind only The New Yorker can do, on one of my literary heroes, the Norwegian crime writer Jo Nesbo. His work is dark, strange, and grabs you from the first paragraph. Yet you never feel like you’re reading pulp. He’s the real thing.

What You Need to Know About Long-Term-Care Insurance

Ladies' Home Journal

With a family history of Alzheimers, and having watched my mother suffer 10 long years with the disease, this article caught my eye. So did the news that after 131 years, this flagship women’s publication will convert to a quarterly special interests magazine this fall.

Benghazi and the Bombshell

New York Magazine

This scathing profile of Lara Logan, the 60 Minutes correspondent who spectacularly got rooked by a security contractor looking to promote his book on Benghazi, concludes that she’s unlikely to return to CBS’ flagship news show this fall.

B+A Kitchen: Family Friendly

This Old House

We own an old finca (farmhouse) on the island of Mallorca, in Spain that is in desperate need of a new kitchen. This feature showed how even a cramped dark space can be modernized to be fully functional and full of light. Inspiring.

Have a Hobby

Arbor of Distinction


Indulge the inner craftsman. Captivating style and straightforward, surprisingly easy construction make this arbor a can’t-miss garden addition.

Never Too Late (To Be Called a Kook)


Kids can learn anything in five minutes. But you are comically out of shape and have a time-eating job. Stepping out into punishing waves in freezing conditions with surly locals doesn’t help. So, when you conquer your first ever wave at 38 years old, you deserve respect.

5-K Special: C'mon Everybody

Runner's World

You can train and still have a life. Race hard and walk normal the next day. And get really fit, really fast. People, the 5-K is freaking awesome. Also read “The 5-K Takeaway” to make your next race a better one.

Hot Picks

Organic Gardening

Don’t let the summer heat deprive you of nutritious greens. Grow these three leafy heat-loving vegetables from the tropics. Includes “how to grow” instructions for surefire choices that will fill your harvest basket with good eating and a taste of the world.

Celebrate Mom

My Spiritual Self


How one mom finds inner peace. “These days, being a mom is what connects me to something greater.” See how parenting has become her meditation and spiritual practice.

My Silver Linings Playbook


Me: “I just feel like it’s time to leave the nest.” Mom: “Yes, I understand, but sometimes birds leave the nest too early and snap their necks.” Raised by a pessimistic French mother in a positive North American world, Olivia Stren felt like an emotional outsider. Turns out her mother’s realism was a gift after all.

Mother's Day Bouquet


What’s better than candy and flowers on Mom’s special day? How about candy flowers? How about some time in the kitchen with the kids? Also read “More Great Ideas” for thoughtful gifts for moms and teachers.

Mothers & Daughters


Six celebrities pay tribute to the most important women in their lives and share the things they do together. Features Savannah Guthrie, Sophia Bush, Chrissy Teigen, Jordin Sparks, Elizabeth Moss, and Beth Behrs.

New Issues


Rolling Stone