It’s (already) Memorial Day weekend, which means many of you are likely hanging with the family, firing up the grill, or getting away from it all for three l-o-n-g, l-a-z-y days.

If you’re staying close to home, we’ve got some practical reads for you.

If you’re on the move, Ian Livingston (this week’s guest curator) has some useful travel picks for you. He’s the editor of, a leading travel blog and repository of modern travel wisdom. He’s been to six continents and 45 countries, and his June schedule alone includes stops in Israel, Nova Scotia, and northern Germany. Ian says he enjoys Next Issue for the “sheer quantity of premium content in one space.” Clearly he knows how to travel light. Outside of his role at, Ian serves as Chat Manager for the successful #TravelSkills chat with Johnny Jet and Chris McGinnis and has contributed work to such publications as and Prevue magazine.

And whether you’re by the lake or at home on the couch, there’s some suggested long reads you definitely want to carve out time to enjoy,

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Enjoy the long weekend and happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

The 100 Most Creative People in Business 2014

Fast Company

Meet this year’s most inspiring leaders in technology, design, media, music, movies, marketing, television, sports, and more.

What Remains


How did they create a museum from the ruins of 2,983 lives? Find out with this behind-the-scenes look at the new 9/11 museum. Includes a photo gallery and bonus video.

The A to Z Guide to Southern Food

Southern Living

The recipes, tastemakers, and trends that define southern culture right now. A is for “agricultural renaissance.” B is for “beer, a craft revolution.” And some classics: L for “lattice pie” and Q, for an ode to barbecue.

The Last Brother

Rolling Stone

At 67, Barry Gibb is the only surviving Bee Gee. Here, he looks back on the monster hits, the long-simmering feuds, and the tragedy of life as a Bee Gee.

Reader Picks | Ian Livingston

New York, Take Two

Condé Nast Traveler

I live in Brooklyn, so an interactive New York City guide has my attention by default. But there’s more here. Jeff’s pinks and Ari’s blues on the where-to-go map color my city from a perspective I can identify with—that of a New Yorker who isn’t always home.

Point of View: Picture This

Travel + Leisure

You don’t have to travel far to see how photographic oversaturation has warped our relationship with the present—but doesn’t it feel worse further from home? In this short piece, Peter Jon Lindberg explores the roots of this travel phenomenon with great finesse. Some cool art design helps.


Outside Magazine

In November I’ll be heading to Papua New Guinea for I’m a huge proponent of travel as an investigative tool, and PNG entices Western investigation like few places on Earth. This article leaves me sort of terrified of PNG, and I like that. It’s both the yield of one investigation and a reminder that life everywhere is infinitely more complex than one visit can let on.

Word Magic

The New Yorker

As a traveler of nations, I know well the spoils of knowing the local language. I like how this piece, in true “New Yorker” fashion, goes deeply and delicately into the bigger picture, examining how language may actually inform how we see the world. It’s all my favorites wrapped into one: travel, communication, and high-level sociology.

Long Reads for the Long Weekend

The Many Lives of Peter Matthiessen

Men's Journal

He worked as a spy, co-founded “The Paris Review,” became a Buddhist monk, and is the only author to win the National Book Award for both fiction and nonfiction. A final visit with one of America’s greatest writers.


New York Magazine

What do Leonardo DiCaprio and Bald Britney have in common? Someone famous has a crush on them. Here, confessions of modern platonic romance, from Kristen Wiig’s crush on Billy Idol to Dee Snider’s ditto on Nancy Pelosi.

Who Wants to Shoot an Elephant?


What kind of a person looks upon the world’s largest land animal, a beast that mourns its dead and lives to retirement age, and says, “Where’s my gun?” Here, a report on one of the last elephant hunts in Botswana.

The Mouse That Roared

Vanity Fair

In an issue dedicated to royalty, this story is about Princess Diana in the early years of her marriage. She underwent an astonishing transformation, from a meek 20-year-old who radiated naïveté to the majestic, fashion-forward woman who could work any crowd.

Three Days Around the House...

Fire up Your Grill

Consumer Reports

This weekend marks the beginning of the BBQ season. But are you ready? Here, how to check if your grill’s a goner and, if so, which new one to buy. Read on for tips to make the most of your grill.

Organize It: Create a Dream Room

Woman's Day

These smart ideas will turn a spare area into an organized (store like with like) crafting (organize the little things) haven (embrace color).

Spruce up Your Backyard in 3 Simple Steps

All You

With the right accessories and some basic gardening, you can transform any space into a secluded, and thoroughly inviting, oasis.

Have a Better Weekend: DIY

Working Mother

When a big trip isn’t in the cards, try these super ideas for a family staycation. How about making some gift tags or a bird house?

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