School’s out. Sun’s out. Hopefully you’re out more and more.

Our toast to that includes sunshine-ready reads about summer beauty (how to look good), summer stress (how to beat it) and water (where to find it and how to save it).

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

Almost Home

ESPN The Magazine

Get ready for World Cup action. This story reveals Michael Bradley’s master plan to go from a bottom-feeding MLS squad in Toronto to America’s most important player in Brazil. Another don’t-miss for soccer fans: Sportsnet’s extensive group-by-group teams preview.

The Secret Lives of American Women


Women today are working, raising families, and making all their dreams come true. How do they juggle all that? For tens of millions of women, one quiet answer is that they find calm amid the crazy by taking a pill. An interesting look at coping in the age of the unsustainable “have it all” lifestyle.

In the Mood for Oud?

Town & Country

It’s a high-stakes hunt for the most seductive scent. In the Middle East, the powerful, musky Oud is known as black gold. And as Westerners warm to the aroma, dealers are scrambling, supplies are dwindling, and the real thing becomes ever more elusive.

Man of the House


With all the backyard startups in Palo Alto, California, a good garage can be hard to find. Nest Labs had a bad one. In January, the startup was bought by Google for $3.2 billion. Now, co-founder Matt Rogers is a leader in the connected-home revolution, and he just might turn a planet of dumb houses into smart ones, one thermostat at a time.

Something In The Water

All Aboard!

Bloomberg Markets

The year is 2024. The place: a so-called seastead, a waterbound city of some 1,000 people who produce their own food, energy, and even their own laws. That’s the vision of Patri Friedman and a group of libertarian Silicon Valley investors. And development might begin soon.

Living With Drought


From California to New Mexico, the West is parched. Here’s what to do now to cut water use at home. Includes drought facts, lawn alternatives, and drought to-do lists for your home and garden.

What's the World To Do About Water

Popular Science

Water is on track to be the most contentious resource of the 21st century. It could replace oil as the trigger of geopolitical conflict. But with the right solutions, it could bring us together. Here’s how we can move it, study it, transform it, and more.

Explore: Underwater Adventure


Here’s how to introduce your child to the wonders of snorkeling. Plus, pick up some tips for a fun tubing adventure, including the scoop on three recommended family floats.

Stay Stress Free

When Panic Attacks

Marie Claire

Panic attacks are heart-pounding, fog-inducing episodes that strike like lightning and scare you into thinking you’re about to die. Rita Zoey Chin suffered them for years. Here, she details how she learned to live a life without fear.

Little Miss Perfect


Hyperorganized, Jancee Dunn wonders if she’s in control of her life, or if a need for order is controlling her. Now, even her daughter sorts Legos by color, which makes her wonder even more.

Just Shoot Me Now


Here are eight ways to stay sane when you’re stuck in the office all summer. This plan will help you be extra productive and fast-track your day so you can get out in the sun before it sets.

Modern is Relaxing

House Beautiful

This contemporary, shingle-style beach house reveals the soothing power of simplicity. It’s almost hard to tell where the beach ends and the house begins. Get inspired by these beautiful pictures and informative interview.

Shine This Summer

What to Wear This Wedding Season


A wedding is never just a wedding. It’s a bachelorette, a bridal shower, the day-after brunch, and every event in between. Here, your wardrobe guide.

Extremely Loud


Hot peach, bright violet, and electric blue are making a comeback. Yes, there’s a right way to pull off bold, bright makeup, and summer’s just the time to give it a try.

Here Comes the Sun

Better Homes and Gardens

Skincare experts bust common myths on sun damage and your skin. Arm yourself with the facts and the best new sunscreens before you take to the streets (or the beach) this summer.

Hey Tootsie!

Canadian Health & Lifestyle

What has 52 bones, 66 joints, and 250,000 sweat glands? Your feet. Step into summer with this guide to healthy feet and learn the cures for common ailments.

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