Next Issue Guest Curator: Dina FierroThe Next Issue family has two new members, and a lot more technical know-how. With the addition of Macworld and PCWorld this week, you can dive right into the latest technology news, product reviews, and spec-lovers heaven. Just tap (+) inside the app to add to your library.

Frequent business trips and a fierce determination to never, ever check a bag make Next Issue an absolute travel necessity for this week’s guest curator, Dina Fierro of Eye4Style. As a social media pro by day and fashion and beauty blogger by night, Dina lives her life at the intersection of style and technology. Her recommended reads are about the magic that happens when the two form a team.

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Next Issue Picks

Wall-to-Wall Apple


Control your TV viewing experience with a simple gesture. Add a temperature sensor to your iPhone for a thermostat that follows you through the house and knows exactly which rooms need climate control. Our homes are ready for an automated makeover—and Apple’s mobile tech could lead the way.

Battle of the Digital Assistants

PC World

Meet Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Siri, and Google Now. With three players in the mix, only one question remains: Which digital “butler” reigns supreme in simplifying our lives?

The Heartbreaking Heavy-Metal Ballad of Balloon Boy


In 2009, 6-year-old Falcon Heene made his family instantly famous, then infamous, with the Balloon Boy hoax. Now 11, he is the frontman of the Heene Boyz, a.k.a. the World’s Youngest Metal Band, literally singing for his family’s supper as they desperately seek that 16th minute of fame.

What It Feels Like to Get Robbed by Tony Bennett

Esquire Weekly

This true story about an unlikely encounter and bonding moment at a Nashville car wash made us laugh out loud. And it manages to feel philosophical at the same time. We wonder: Will they meet again?

Reader Picks | Dina Fierro

Be Bossy

New York Magazine

I’ve followed the incredible, improbable rise of Sophia Amoruso’s Nasty Gal for years. This #GIRLBOSS and CEO is inspiring in more ways than one. She was diagnosed with mild Tourette’s and ADD at a young age, couldn’t hold a steady job in her teens and 20s, and yet eventually emerged as one of today’s most creative young entrepreneurs.

This Bud's for You


Once known best for her frequent appearances on street style blogs, former fashion editor Taylor Tomasi Hill was ready to reinvent herself. She’s now the fashion industry’s preferred florist, creating 200+ whimsical arrangements per week. And what’s even better…she got her start via Instagram!

Verne Harnish: Five Ways to Liberate Your Team From Email Overload


As someone who spends the majority of my work week navigating through airports and cities far and wide, you could say I’ve come to appreciate emails that get straight to the point. Appropriately efficient in their delivery, these five tips should be required reading for all working professionals.

Shout Out

Entrepreneur's Startups

A tip I’ve picked up on as a blogger: Comedy can be the ultimate connector. That being said, it’s important to use humor the right way and at the right time. I found these four tips spot-on when it comes to leveraging humor to differentiate your brand.

Money-Saving Strategies

50 Ways to Save $500


Brides asked experts—and some savvy readers—how they shaved half a grand off their budget. Here, their money-saving tips for your wedding or other upcoming party.

The Heart of Your Home

Consumer Reports

Today’s ‘social kitchens’ are built for entertaining, digital networks, and yes, cooking. Here’s how to get one on any budget.

30 Under $30k

Car and Driver

First the bad news: The average new car in the U.S. has crept above $30,000, about two grand more than five years ago. Now the good news: If that’s average, a whole lot of new cars cost less. Here are 30 that prove it.

Land of the Free


Believe it or not, visiting all fifty states is 100% doable, even on a budget. These 50 spectacular attractions won’t cost your family a dime any day of the year.

Work Together, Grow Together

The Affair


Maintaining a marriage is hard enough as it is, but founding a company can quickly drive a wedge into even the healthiest relationship. Protect your relationship with insights from entrepreneur couples who have been through it all.

Richer, Together


An exclusive Money survey reveals sweeping changes in the ways husbands and wives are managing their finances. Armed with the stats, stories from real couples, and even a bonus video, you can make your money work harder, and better, for both of you.

True Friendship in a Twitter World


When Holly Robinson struck up a 140-character conversation with a woman 5,000 miles away, she was hardly expecting to forge a profound connection IRL (“in real life,” but you knew that). Could a single tweet bring new meaning to your life?

An All-American Cookout by the Lake

Food & Wine

With American bloodlines that run deep, Eric and Andrew Dayton could have pursued any ambition. Their unexpected choice: Teaming up with a New Nordic chef and opening a restaurant in a converted warehouse in Minnesota. Here, their story and summer cookout recipes.

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