Guest Curator Anna CaltabianoThis weekend is all about Dear Old Dad. We’ve rounded up some stories about fathers—the men who make us laugh, take us on ridiculous adventures, and shower us with love.

After the Father’s Day reads, dive into a few picks from a younger source.

At 17, guest curator Anna Caltabiano is already a published author. With her first book, All That is Red, and talks of a series on the way, Anna is on a mission to connect with teens and parents about important issues facing middle- and high-school kids. In Anna’s words, “Though many people identify me with writing books, I find that I’m most happy when all parts of my life are in balance. I like the flexibility Next Issue gives me to branch out.”

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Next Issue Picks

Google, You Can Drive My Car


In May, California’s Division of Motor Vehicles unveiled its first set of rules for autonomous vehicles. Google says its cars have driven more than 700,000 miles. Cars with drivers will soon be like fish with bicycles.

Solid Gold


Flare has cued up the most fashionable new Canadian acts, the best pop-star style secrets, and the music that will make your summer sing. Press play to check out the sample tracks.

Jeff Koons Is Back!

Vanity Fair

With the Whitney Museum unveiling a massive Jeff Koons retrospective, it’s hard to remember how the artist’s life unraveled in the 90s. But from the depths to the heights, Koons knows only one way to create: high-risk.

While the World Watched

ESPN The Magazine

At the same time Argentina played host to the 1978 World Cup, the nation’s dictators were waging their “dirty war” of repression, kidnappings, and torture. As the tournament begins this year, ghastly memories are flooding back.

Reader Picks | Anna Caltabiano

A Mother's Story


This excerpt from Hillary Clinton’s new memoir, Hard Choices, gives us a glimpse of not one, but two inspirational women. Reading about the lessons Clinton learned from her own mother made me think about the maternal figures and everyday inspirational women in my life.

Life Stylist: Find What Truly Moves You

Women's Health

Doesn’t the title say it all? I think a key part of being happy is finding what you love and pursuing it. Renée Loux puts together a wonderful how-to guide for being true to yourself and going after your passions. What can be more inspirational than that?

Stretched Thin

Teen Vogue

Health and wellness doesn’t just stop with exercise and diet, it’s also how you think of your body. Social media has spread a lot of disturbing views of how a woman’s body should look. Thigh gaps. Bikini bridges. Starving to drastically change your body to fit an idealized image of beauty is poisonous.

25 Easy (Delicious!) Ways to Eat Healthy


When choosing between kale and cookies, there’s almost no doubt I’d reach for the cookies. And not because I don’t know the health benefits of kale. Healthy eating can be synonymous with bland, or even bitter icky foods. But what if you could make easy, actually tasty, small changes in your diet to start eating healthy?

Stories of Fatherhood

Fatherhood for Men


Fatherhood is mostly defined by moments. Here’s a guide to and a celebration of the crucial moments of fatherhood. Full of useful advice, general guidelines, handy tools, and whole lot of understanding.

The Talk of the Town: Fathers and Sons

The New Yorker

Robert De Niro reflects on his late father, his childhood memories, and the fact that he wishes he took more time to get to know the man that raised him.

This Is How We Roll

Outside Magazine

A touching account of a quasi-legal, father-son mission to train-hop through the changing American West, including photos and the backstory that inspired their journey.

Happy Father's Day

HELLO! Canada

From a future King to a Canadian pop star, this is a celebration of a special milestone for five famous first-time dads. And the photos are, of course, adorable.

No Train, No Gain

You Call This a Vacation?

Runner's World

At a four-day running camp, a Runner’s World newbie discovers that prepping like a pro for a 26.2 is a little frightening—and a lot of fun.

Beat the Clock to Beat Your Gut

Men's Fitness

When hitting the gym this season, whether outdoors or indoors, focus on time and speed, rather than weight or volume, to lose fat faster.

Life, After

New York Magazine

An accident in February cost TV reporter Miles O’Brien his left arm. He soon discovered that every movement, no matter how small, requires rethinking.

The New Power Circuit


Gyms everywhere are clearing their floors of traditional weight machines to make space for a smarter, faster way to build strength. Learn how to take the reins on your routine.

New Issues

Cooking Light