Jeannie Mai

Ever since Jeannie Mai launched her career as a celebrity makeup artist over a decade ago, she’s been flying by the seat of her pants — a cute pair of cropped skinnies, to be precise. Today, as host of Style Network’s weekly talk show, Style Pop, co-host of Fox’s upcoming daytime talk show The Real, and fashion correspondent on several popular daytime series, life is a constant whirlwind of TV appearances, travel, and the biggest events in the world of style.

So how does a busy fashion pro stay up to date on the trends and business tips to keep her empire in order?

As Jeannie puts it, “Life before the Next Issue app basically consisted of me lugging around seven to eight heavy magazines, trying to keep myself up on the latest. (Keep in mind callouses from heavy Longchamp bags have never been fashionable.)”

With Next Issue, Jeannie keeps her “fave” issues on download 24-7. Perfect for those hours spent in hair and makeup or on a coast-to-coast flight.

Check out a few of the picks Jeannie “ate up like an açaí bowl with a spoon” over the past few months. But first, a glimpse of Jeannie’s work on her ever-popular Youtube channel, The Mai Tube.


Thanks, Jeannie!

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Jeannie's Picks

Hollywood's Secret Superhero


Kristen Bell is a wonderful actress and an amazing mother. Her “No Kids Policy” (essentially a movement to deter the paparazzi from subjecting the children of Hollywood stars to their often overbearing scrutiny) is long overdue, and her lobbying has garnered tons of support from many large publications and influencers, such as Glamour magazine and Perez Hilton. You go, Veronica Mars.

Secret Weapons


I find it immensely important to recognize the people that help you focus on your skill. Eight years ago, I started out as a television personality on my own, juggling the hats of being my own publicist, agent, manager, executive assistant, makeup artist, hair stylist, and wardrobe stylist. Today, I have the ability to hire on the the help I need so I can focus my attention on the guests of each show and putting the best spotlight on them. My favorite book in the world is “25 Ways to Win With People,” and this article made me appreciate those successful giants out there who never leave home without appreciating the help they have around them.

Super Gurl


I keep coming back to this article. She’s one of my favorite musical artists and her poorhouse-to-stardom story is a fantastic gospel for all women (and men) to remind them that hard work, faith, and tenacity pays off well in the end. Plus, I just love looking at her. The pictorial is beautiful!

Patriot Act


I love Mai fashion as much as the next girl, but what I love first and foremost is a good story. And if I can kill two birds with one stone, then I’m gonna toss a big ass rock. The best stories about fashion are the ones that are closest to you, emotionally AND geographically. Having beautiful things made in America means you’re able to be closer to where and how they’re made, and I’m definitely a fan of that. Firms like Bedrock Manufacturing are doing great things: keeping quality goods made in the US. For that, they get tons of Mai love. <3