Jeannie MaiHappy Summer Solstice! We’ve been in the summer spirit for weeks, but record-breaking highs across the nation are showing us the season is officially here. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with stories on staying cool and some fun summer DIY projects.

Speaking of cool, Jeannie Mai, one of the trendiest women in fashion and co-host of “The Real” talk show, shares her favorite reads from the past few months. “Life before Next Issue? Basically me lugging around magazines trying to keep up on the latest. (Keep in mind callouses from heavy Longchamp bags have never been fashionable.)”

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Next Issue Picks

The Joy of Tinder


One dating app, six very different kinds of satisfaction. These real-life stories are as varied as the reasons women use the app and the types of relationships that develop out of it. Consider this your guilty-pleasure reading for the weekend.

Don't Get Bit!

Field & Stream

Summer is snake season, so you’d better watch your step. Here’s your serpent survival guide, complete with near-death snake stories, tips, and measures to take if you (or your dog) are bitten.

Our Definitive Guide to Portland

Travel + Leisure

With forward-thinking chefs, green urban spaces, and a laid-back sensibility, Portland, Oregon, is the perfect weekend getaway. Check out the scene, including where to stay, eat, and shop.

King of the Spartan Empire

Men's Journal

Joe De Sena learned the value of hard work cleaning the pools of Queens mobsters. And from Wall Street to the founding of his Spartan Race empire, he never stopped learning. Now he wants to teach you.

Reader Picks | Jeannie Mai

Hollywood's Secret Superhero


Kristen Bell is a wonderful actress and an amazing mother. Her movement to deter the paparazzi from subjecting the children of Hollywood stars to their often overbearing scrutiny is long overdue, and her lobbying has garnered tons of support. You go, Veronica Mars.

Executive Assistants: Secret Weapons


Eight years ago, I started out as a television personality, being my own publicist, agent, manager, executive assistant, makeup artist, and stylist. Today, I can focus on the guests of my show because I have the ability to hire the help I need. My favorite book in the world is “25 Ways to Win With People,” and this article reminds me of those successful giants who appreciate the help they have around them.

Super Gurl


I keep coming back to this article. Katy Perry is one of my favorite music artists and her poorhouse-to-stardom story is a fantastic gospel for all women (and men) to remind them that hard work, faith, and tenacity pays off well in the end. Plus, I just love looking at her. The pictorial is beautiful!

Fashion: Patriot Act


I love Mai fashion as much as the next girl, but what I love first and foremost is a good story. If I can kill two birds with one stone, I’m gonna toss a big-ass rock. The best stories about fashion are closest to you, emotionally and geographically. Firms like Bedrock Manufacturing are making quality goods in the US. For that, they get tons of Mai love. <3

Keepin' It Cool

One Cooler, One Weekend

Cooking Light

Five meals that pack neatly into a single cooler (plus one tote) for a stress-free weekend away. These tested party-in-a-box menu plans are a prescription for full, carry-in enjoyment.

Let's Talk About A/C

Popular Mechanics

It wasn’t until the early 1900s that engineers figured out how to blow air over cooled pipes to create the modern miracle of air conditioning. Today, tech companies may require less A/C to keep servers cool, but us humans are still addicted.

America's Happiest Seaside Towns

Coastal Living

This annual list of the top 10 coastal destinations can help you plan a cool-off vacation by the sea. Ever heard of Chincoteague, Virginia? It’s #1 this year.

Summer's Best Dresses

Woman's Day

Keep cool in fuss-free styles, all under $100 (And they don’t feel skimpy). Includes the low-down on which styles flatter your arms, bust, hips, and tummy.

Drama-Free DIY

10 Tips for Filter Fun

Popular Photography

Now that most photographers are all digital all the time, physical photo filters may seem obscure. But filters are more popular than ever, and they’re easy to make with photo supplies and gadgets you have at home.

Pretty Planters

Midwest Living

Horticulturist Gail Estka considers containers an art form. “Unfortunately, I see people just grouping annuals in a little heap.” This is your chance to create pots with pizzazz.

Picnic Party

Do-It-Yourself Magazine

Stake out a shady spot, fill it with sweet handmade projects, invite a few friends, and enjoy lunch alfresco.


Popular Science

Inside Popular Science’s Manual: A DIY spacesuit made with junk parts, welding steel with car batteries, what it’s like to make laser weapons for a living, and a homemade tip jar that plays hip hop.

New Issues

Eating Well

Marie Claire

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